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Tanzanite Gemstone Healing Bracelet

Tanzanite Gemstone Healing Bracelet

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Genuine Tanzanite 7 inch 8mm Bracelet With a handmade made sterling silver accent bead 

Tanzanite- Throat and 3rd Eye Chakra

Tanzanite is also referred to by scientist to be a part of the Zoisite family. Tanzanite was discovered in Tanzania, Africa, hence its name. It’s was introduced to Tiffany and Co. and quickly became and prized gemstone. Metaphysically Tanzanite is just as valued. It is believed to be the stone of spiritual Awakening. It’s helps to integrate the heart, Throat, and 3rd Eye Chakras, keeping you visions, intuition, and communication heart centered. Tanzanite helps the wearer develop their Spiritual connection and sparks visions and messages from Spirit.

Mantra- I am awakening / deepening my Spiritual connection.

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