Crystal Healing 101

How do the crystals work and how do I chose the right crystal for me?

I know that that was definitely my first question when I first found crystals and found myself being pulled to them. I was overwhelmed and I didn’t know where to start. I would read the books and and then decide that I simply needed everything. However, Once I had the crystals, I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Can you relate? When I was reading books about crystals, I was thinking wow this is really cool, But how does this even work?

This is why I created: 📖💎My Book, Crystals for Cultivating a Balanced Life: to give you simple and easy to comprehend starting place.
Okay, so let me explain this very simply how crystals work. We know that everything is just energy, right? Meaning I'm an energy, and these crystals are an energy and we are emitting an energy, but there is something different about the energy in the crystals. The energy in the crystals is constant. It always stays the same, So we have crystals that emit very high vibrational energy and we have crystals that emit very low vibrating energy. But the crystals always are emitting the same frequency of energy. Whereas, we, humans, us people, our energy is constantly changing. It's  very fluid, and if you think about it we're over 70% water so why wouldn't our energy is fluid and constantly changing. We are emotional beings. When we're happy and in joy tional beings. When we're happy and in joy we're emitting a very high vibrating energy. When we are feeling sad or tired or we're in pain we're emitting a low vibrating energy. 

So.... Back to how the crystals work. The crystals work like a magnet. You may feel a “pull” towards one crystal vs. another. When you’re holding one crystal you may feel nothing, and when you pick up another crystal, you may feel a strong connection to that particular crystal. This is your body telling you which frequency you need. This is why I recommend that when you first start working with the crystals, hold them, get in contact with them, put the books down and feel into their energy.  The way they work is by helping us to match the frequency of the crystal. For example, right now I'm holding this beautiful Selenite bar which is a very high vibrating crystal. The frequency is a very high vibrating frequency. So as I hold this Selenite my energy is working to match that of the Selenite frequency. That is how crystals work. They simplyvibrate at their constant frequency. It is pu

Another way that the crystals work is they have minerals in them. So they work when we are in contact with the crystals, we are absorbing the minerals from the crystals. We are absorbing them through our skin. It is the largest organ on the, on our body, and through our cells, just like when we put lotion on, we are absorbing some of the minerals from the crystals. So that's the second way that crystals work. This is why I like wearing the crystals and or recommend you lay the crystals on your body during a crystal healing session.

Crystals work through their frequency, they work through their minerals, and....

Lastly, another way, which there's several ways, but the one I want to discuss is how they work with our chakra system, through the colors. They bring in the different rays of light, and when we're working with our different chakra systems for example, when I’m working with my root chakra  or my base chakra, the chakra that helps to keep me grounded, I might pick a Smokey Quartz, or I might even pick a red Crystal like a Garnet or a Red Jasper. If I'm working with say my heart chakra then I may pick a green Crystal, Green Aventurine or I may pick a Pink Crystal, a Rose Quartz because I'm gonna bring in that pink ray to help balance that center.

So those are the 3 ways that crystals work. 3 easy ways to remember how crystals work, through their frequency / their energy, their mineral make-up, and through their colors. 

I hope that you found this helpful.

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