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Custom Creations

Custom Creations

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Looking for a custom-created piece of Crystal Healing Jewelry? 

Here's how it works...

STEP 1:  

The design fee is $15.00 and does not include the crystals you choose for your design. Email me directly after purchase to get started.


Choose the crystals you'd like to have included in the piece.  If you need help choosing a crystal, let me know after checkout and I will be happy to recommend the right crystals for your specific needs or goals.

The design fee remains the same regardless of the type of piece requested (necklace, earrings, etc.) and the amount of stone used.  


Once you've selected your crystals, you will receive an invoice for your custom-created crystal healing jewelry.  This is in addition to the Custom Design Fee.  

The average final price of custom-created healing crystal jewelry is between $45 & $75 per piece, depending on the stones you select.  If you are creating a custom healing bracelet stack (multiple bracelets) or a matching set (earrings, bracelet & necklace), the Custom Design Fee is only $15.00 for the entire order! 

Due to the custom nature of this order, please expect delivery within 7-14 days of our consultation.

custom crystal jewelry bracelet


She is doing her work with love and care always thinking about her customer… I am absolutely delighted I met her and working with her is a real pleasure. I’m just waiting for my third @will2wow_jewelry bracelet and as always I am amazed how beautiful work she does and how easy is to get in touch with this warm, kind and loving woman.
-Monika Kuriata, Yoga Expert





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