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Smudging Kit - Sage Cleansing Ritual Kit

Smudging Kit - Sage Cleansing Ritual Kit

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Smudge Kit - Cleanse Your Sacred Space

- Selenite: Start by holding your selenite wand close. Think about your intentions for your smudging practice before you begin. Selenite is known for connecting to the third eye and crown chakras. Through radiating light energy, it promotes purity and honesty.

- Palo Santo: Light your palo santo and allow its fragrant smoke to clear any negative energy in your sacred space. Palo is known to promote joy, reduce stress, and enhance clarity.

- White Sage: (Homegrown) Best used during meditation, burning white sage helps to cleanse and purify while neutralizing negative energy.

- Sweetgrass: Attract good spirits and positive energies. Follow up your smudging practice with burning sweetgrass to introduce positivity into your space.
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