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Selenite and Turquoise Tree of Life Bracelet

Selenite and Turquoise Tree of Life Bracelet

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7 inch 8mm Selenite and Peruvian bracelet with a CZ diamond spacers, a gold accent bead, and a 14 karat Vermeil tree of life charm

Selenite~ Crown and Etheric Chakra ~

A cleansing stone that evokes protection from the Angelic realms while dispelling negative / stagnant energies. Selenite soothes the emotions bringing  tranquil emotions. Selenite enhances mental clarity, clearing up confusion and helping to reveal the underlying force behind your struggles. It connects you to your Inner Knowing and Divine beings. Selenite is a high vibration crystal that quickly accelerates your spiritual growth. It is a wonderful stone to meditate with. Selenite clears up confusion and helps with uncovering the deeper picture. 

Mantra- My headspace is clear and open to connecting to my higher self 

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