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Rhodonite and Garnet Sterling Silver Necklace

Rhodonite and Garnet Sterling Silver Necklace

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17 inch Sterling Silver Rhodonite necklace with 2 Small Garnet gemstones wire wrapped time the clasp.

Rhodonite- Heart & Root Chakra
Grounded and generous Love. Feeling safe to love
Rhodonite is connected to the heart and root chakra. It helps to ground love and helps you to feel safe when exploring your feelings and vulnerabilities in the area of love. Rhodonite carries the energy of feeling safe enough to give generously from your heart. Rhodonite attracts the reciprocation of feeling and giving deep love.

Mantra- I generously share my gifts from my heart

Garnet- Sacral & Heart Chakra
Garnet is a seed stone, orgically named that because it resembles a pomegranate seed. However metaphorically it also reminds us that our intentions plant seeds when manifesting your heart’s desires. Garnet is especially good when you are trying to manifest true love as it is strongly connected to your root and heart chakra. Garnet has been used throughout history as a talisman against negative energy. Garnet carries the energy of prosperity, manifesting and health. Garnet helps your body to regenerate after being injured. It is an uplifting stone that dispels melancholy.
Mantra- I am manifesting my hearts desires 


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