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Picture Jasper and Rose gold-plated Hematite Bracelet

Picture Jasper and Rose gold-plated Hematite Bracelet

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7-inch 8mm Picture Jasper and 8mm faceted Rose Gold plated Hematite bracelet with rose gold spacers and a rose gold CZ Diamond accent bead

Picture Jasper ~3rd Eye and Root Chakra~ 
Picture Jasper is a meditative stone used to connect you with the ancient and knowledgeable Earth Energy. It helps you to dive deeer into your consciousness bringing about new awarenesses. Picture Jasper is a grounding stone which helps to alleviate fears, nervous energy and anxiety giving you the courage and confidence to move forward in your life towards your goals. 

Mantra- I am connected to the sacred Earth Energy

Hematite ~Root Chakra~ Helps to balance yin/yang energy. This stone is a magnet and it helps to magnify strength, love, courage and memory. Hematite helps stimulate concentration and focus. This is a very grounding and protective stone. Hematite helps to dissolve negative energies, helps when making choices, and when trying to overcome addictions.

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