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Multi-colored Tiger Eye Bracelet

Multi-colored Tiger Eye Bracelet

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7 inch rhondelle faceted multi-colored Tiger (red, blue, and golden) bracelet with a sterling silver accent bead and SS ocean wave and star charm

Tiger Eye ~Solar Plexus Chakra~ Encourages the correct use of power. This stone is known to promote patience, focused attention, and determination. It helps to stimulate wealth by attracting money. Tiger’s eye balances the yin / yang energies while harmonizing all the chakras. It balances the emotions and calms scattered thinking. Tiger’s eye helps to resolve conflicts. It helps to heal issues dealing with self-worth, self-criticism and depression. It helps with people dealing with addictive personalities. It promotes integrity, the proper use of power and finishing what you have started.

Red Tiger Eye~ Root Chakra

Red Tiger’s Eye is also known as the survival stone. It helps to give you the motivation you need to move forward in your life. The energies of Red Tiger’s Eye are motivating and will help you to achieve your goals and complete all your tasks with an enthusiastic attitude. Red Tiger’s Eye has a strong grounding energy that keeps your physical body connected to the earth’s healing energies. The healing properties of Red Tiger’s Eye are believed to be very effective against blood disorders, such as anemia.

Mantra: I am moving forward in my life with new found enthusiasm 

Blue Tigers Eye ~Throat and 3rd Eye Chakras~ Blue Tigers Eye is a very soothing stone reducing stress and anxiety while increasing calmness. Assists in speaking with clarity and acting from a place of integrity. It helps to provide insight into internal conflicts, emotions and mental issues. It allows you to go with the flow of life aiding in the relief of fears, phobias and hot tempers. Blue Tigers Eye is used to balance yin/yang energies, increase psychic abilities especially clairvoyance, astral travel and remote viewing. Good in prosperity rituals and manifestation grids. Blue Tigers Eye encourages emotional balance, aids fatigue and depression, cools any overactive energies and heals on a metabolic level.

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