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Mixed Moonstone Buddha Bracelet

Mixed Moonstone Buddha Bracelet

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7 inch 10mm Mixed Moonstone ( white, grey, and peach) Buddha Bracelet 

This bracelet is a beautiful mixture of White, Grey, Peach Moonstone.

Peach Moonstone- Sacral Chakra
Known as the stone of New Beginnings and a good luck stone. It helps to bring about new opportunities. Peach Moonstone promotes creativity. It carries a playful and joyful energy. Peach Moonstone stimulates the reproductive center which in turn aids with fertility and PMS. It’s a very soothing stone which helps to calm your emotions bringing in soothing feelings of peace and harmony.

Mantra- I am creating new beginnings for my soul’s evolution
White Moonstone- Crown Chakra

White Moonstone represents the Full Moon Energy.
It stimulates your Crown Chakra and deepens your spiritual connection. White Moonstone is used to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. It is very calming and helps to relieve stress. It is an excellent stone to use during meditation and full moon ceremonies. White Moonstone is often used by women to activate their kundalini energy. It gives a light of hope during dark times.

Mantra- I am deepen my spiritual connection and open to psychic communications

Gray Moonstone-
The seer stone connected with New Moon energy. It helps you to see beyond the veil, to dive deep into the spiritual realm. it helps to soothe hurt feelings and it protects you from taking on other’s emotions. it helps to heal deep emotional wounds by getting to root. Grey Moonstone has often been used throughout history to assist with shamanic journeying.

Mantra- I am releasing and healing my emotional wounds while gaining a deeper clarity of who I am.

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