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Men’s Tiger’s Eye and Lava Stone Bracelet

Men’s Tiger’s Eye and Lava Stone Bracelet

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8 1/2 inch Men’s Lava Stone and Matte Tiger’s Eye Bracelet with a Tibetan Etched Agate Stone 

Lava Stone~ Root Chakra-

Lava Stone is truly an amazing stone! It is the only element on Earth that was once just fire. Lava stone helps to burn away remnants from your past that may be blocking your future. It can be used as a natural essential oil diffuser, and it is a grounding stone that connects you to Earth’s energy! Lava Stone is known to spark a fire in the wearer, helping them to achieve their long term goals!

Mantra- My internal flame is burning bright lighting the way for my future 

Tigers Eye ~Solar Plexus Chakra~ Encourages the correct use of power. This stone is known to promote patience, focused attention, and determination. It helps to stimulate wealth by attracting money. Tiger’s eye balances the yin / yang energies while harmonizing all the chakras. It balances the emotions and calms scattered thinking. Tiger’s eye helps to resolve conflicts. It helps to heal issues dealing with self-worth, self-criticism and depression. It helps with people dealing with addictive personalities. It promotes integrity, the proper use of power and finishing what you have started.


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