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Clear Quartz & Fluorite Mala Necklace

Clear Quartz & Fluorite Mala Necklace

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Clear Quartz Mala with Fluorite counter beads and a Fluorite guru bead 

Clear Quartz – All Chakras

Clear quartz is the most healing of all stones! It amplifies, restores, releases and stores energies.

It helps to Cleanse and restore your physical body and your soul. Clear Quartz will Help you to see things more clearly which makes it a wonderful crystal to meditate with. It helps to clear mental blocks and improves focus. 

MANTRA: I am crystal clear about the thoughts and feelings I want to amplify

Rainbow Fluorite~Crown, 3rd Eye Chakra, & Heart Chakra-

 Fluorite helps with decision making by increasing our intuitive abilities. Fluorite helps you to uplevel spiritually, awakening your spiritual gifts. The Green hues help to cleanse the heart chakra of past heartache. The purple and clear hues help to stimulate the mind and helps with quick thinking, increasing our ability to focus, with understanding new concepts, and it helps to clear up confusion. Fluorite encourages us to let go of our inhibitions and to dream big making it a key manifestation crystal to work with. Physically Fluorite is believed to improve stiffness and physical mobility which provides relief when dealing with arthritis. Fluorite helps to stimulate regeneration within the body. 

Mantra- My intuition is spot on helping me to manifest spiritual gifts 


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