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Aquamarine & Botswana Agate Peace ☮️ Bracelet

Aquamarine & Botswana Agate Peace ☮️ Bracelet

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7 inch 10mm faceted Aquamarine and Botswana Agate Bracelet with a handmade ceramic Peace stone that can be used to diffuse your favorite essential oil 

Aquamarine- Throat Chakra 

Aquamarine is known as the stone of courage. It emits a very calming and relaxing energy. It is connected to your throat chakra helping you to speak your truth with confidence and in a calm, cool, and collected way which in turn helps you to be heard. Aquamarine also helps you to be a better listener and to listen with the intent to understand rather than to reply. Aquamarine sharpens your perception and intuition which helps to speak more clearly. 

Mantra- I have the courage to speak my truth with confidence 

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