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A Course In Crystals

A Course In Crystals

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A Course in Crystals with Laura Weigel

Let my 8 years + research and working directly with crystals help you sift through all the knowledge out there about crystals!!! 

I don't know about you, but I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of information and contradicting information floating around the web about crystals! 

This course was designed to give you the basic knowledge you need when starting your crystal journey!   This is a beginner's course that lays the foundation for your crystal healing journey.  

I hear so many people who are overwhelmed when they first learn about working with crystals and this course is meant to cut through the noise & bombardment of information and dive right in to what really works, easily and intuitively.

Over the last 8 years, I've been working with healing crystal energy with a Mother's heart of giving and without ego.  

I'm sharing with you everything you need to have a good working knowledge of how to choose your crystals, how to use a pendulum, how to do a crystal healing, set up a crystal grid, the history of crystals. The science of crystals, and much more! 

Module 1:  Choosing Your Crystals

Module 2:  Cleansing Your Crystals

Module 3:  Program Your Crystals

Module 4:  How Crystals Work

Module 5:  Crystals For Ailments

Module 6:  Connecting With Your Crystals

Module 7:  Shapes of Crystals

Module 8:  Your Crystal Grid

and much more! 

As a bonus, you get a PDF version of The Crystal Journal absolutely FREE when you enroll in "A Course In Crystals" ($9.95 VALUE).  The Crystal Journal is over 80 pages of guided journal prompts that document your journey with the power of crystal healing.  

I strongly recommend that you use this journal as part of your crystal journey.  It will help document how you react uniquely to each crystal and how each vibration affects you, in your own way.

 If you'd like to purchase the PDF version The Crystal Journal separately, you can find it here. >>

Or, get it in paperback at Amazon here >> 

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