Virgo Full Moon [March 7, 2023]

Virgo Full Moon [March 7, 2023]

🌕 Full Moon in Virgo 🌕

March 7th, 2023 

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Angelite | Selenite | Amazonite | Smoky Quartz

Perfectionistic, Detail Oriented, Nurturing 

Time to release the clutter holding you back from creating your dreams…

The Virgo full moon reminds us that the early bird gets the worm and that hard work pays off. It's time to release our fear of making a mistake!  The full Moon in Virgo invites us to release fears around perfectionism. It is providing us with a nurturing energy to believe that we are worthy of the love we give.  This is a potent time to detoxify ourselves of any thoughts or beliefs that we are not good enough or worthy. 

The Full Moon in Virgo represents the end of the Zodiac Year. All full moons are about a culmination of energies and what is no longer serving you is being illuminated so that you may release to start anew. This full moon is no different, however it is especially potent as it is the last full moon of the Zodiac Calendar starting a new year and Spring is only a couple weeks away. It is important to clear out all the clutter for our mind, body, and soul to make room for growth and new beginnings. 

 The theme for this full moon is about organization and order. Think about where your life may be feeling chaotic. The Virgo full moon invites us to uncover our shadows around perfectionism, feeling good enough, and accepting ourselves as we are in each moment. Self-Love is an important aspect of this full moon as Virgo energy is detail oriented and prone to pick things apart with the intention of making them better, but sometimes it causes things to just fall apart.  

✨ Crystal Recommendations for Virgo✨ 

​Angelite- listening, and communicating with your guides, angels, higher self, and Soul family.

Use- meditate and or sleep with Angelite to receive messages from the divine. 

Selenite- connects to the intuitive moon energy and allows it to cleanse your over- active mind, body, and Soul.

Use- use a selenite wand to cleanse your auric field, wear selenite, place around your home to keep the energy cleansed. Place under your pillow to cleanse your subconscious while sleeping.

​Amazonite- connecting your heart and your throat allowing you to clearly communicate from your heart. Most importantly, Amazonite will help you to communicate in a loving way to yourself. Amazonite helps to deeply cleanse your heart of past traumas so that you may freely express yourself with love and confidence.

Use- lay Amazonite on your heart center and ask for stuck energies that have been holding you back and breaking your heart to be released. Wear Amazonite to protect yourself from EMF’s and meditate with Amazonite to incite in loving and healing energy.

Smoky Quartz- a grounding and stabilizing stone that helps you to release unwanted, heavy, and dense energies that have been holding you back and cluttering your energy field. Smoky Quartz will help you stay focused and bring in energies that help you to feel safe and secure. 

Use- wear Smoky Quartz to stay grounded during the day. Place Smoky Quartz under your pillow to ward off bad dreams from unhealed energies. Meditate with Smokey Quartz to help to release unhealthy energies. Place Smokey Quartz in water to make an elixir, you can even set it out under the full moon for an extra charge. Drink in the energy of the Smokey Quartz internally

📝 Journal Prompt 📝

What could you release to help you bring more order and structure into your life? 

This full moon in Virgo is the perfect opportunity to release the mess from your life emotionally and physically. It’s a wonderful time to shine the light on your tangled mess of emotions and to get organized.

📿 Mantra 📿

I release the need for perfectionism. I am always deserving of love.  

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