New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer
​July 17th, 2023
​Nurturing, Nesting, and Spiritual

Your inner life, your-self awareness and relationship to yourself,  your roots, your family, and your close emotionally involved relationships are now being highlighted!

This New Moon in Cancer is emotionally charged, it's mission is to bring deeply buried emotions from the subconscious and memories to the surface for healing. Take advantage of this energy to take a deep dive into the depths of your soul for healing and to bring about new beginnings. ✨

Cancer is the sign of mothering energy, so during this Moon, you may feel a strong desire to nurture and care for everyone more deeply as if everyone was one of your children.

This is a time to manifest your deep soul’s longings. Possibly a Soulmate, your Soul Family, deep Soul friendships. Going within to nourish and heal yourself will allow you to emerge ready for deeper and more healing connections with others.

Basically, the Cancer New Moon is a reminder for us all to nurture our insides! Look inside your mind, your heart, and your home! These things need to be healthy and supportive so that you can show up healthy in the world! 

 Crystals for this New Moon in Cancer

​Selenite- cleansing, intuitive, spiritual

Use it to cleanse your subconscious for magical transformations

Peach Moonstone- creative, new beginnings, nesting

Use it to help create and manifest new beginnings

Rose Quartz- self-love, empathetic, nurturing

Use it for nourishing and love it yourself so that your cup may be full

Labradorite- transformation, magic, balance

Use it for new realizations and to manifest magical transformations

​Amazonite - helps to connect the heart and throat, helping you to calmly speak from your heart

Use it to express your heart's true desires

The energy is supportive of nourishing yourself so that you can nourish those you love. Below I've included some Soul Nourishing activities for the New Moon Cancer.

Activities for the New Moon in Cancer 

  • Go for a swim, get close to some water, and meditate on the power of going with the flow. 

  • Meditate with Labradorite and selenite so that you can cleanse your mind of excess thoughts,  and connect with your subconscious mind. 

  • Make an elixir using the Rose Quartz to nourish yourself from the inside out. You can also place a piece of Rose in your bath water. Place a piece in your bedroom for sweet dreams. Lay a piece of Rose Quartz on your heart center to nourish your heart and soul.

  • Create a vision board of your deepest heart’s desire. I like to use Pinterest for vision boards. Keep some Peach Moonstone and Amazonite nearby,  they are excellent stones to help you  manifest your new beginnings. 


-New Moon Invocation- 

New Moon guiding me within my Soul 

Oh the treasures to be found

I am Manifesting deep Soul Connections

Leading me to magical new beginnings

-Journal Prompts-

-What emotions have you been suppressing?

-What is your unique gift?

-What connections need nurturing?

-Do you play small and hide your unique gifts from the world? 

Below is a Crystal Grid that I created for this New Moon / Solar Eclipse Energies.

This grid is all about manifesting, creating, new beginnings, and expressing your true authentic self.

It’s about feeling all the feels for healing and transformation. It is about stepping out with confidence… This grid includes Clear Quartz as the center stone to amplify our intentions, Rose Quartz to feel feelings and as a reminder to nurturance and care for yourself, Aquamarine for fulling expressing yourself, and Carnelian for Self-confidence and creating, Peach moonstone for New beginnings and fresh starts.

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