New Moon in Gemini!

New Moon in Gemini!

New Moon in Gemini
Sat. June 17th @ 9:37 PM PST
Sun. June 18th @ 12:37 AM EST
Intellect, Communication, Socialization 
Expect Downloads with new Realizations!

Hello Crystal Lovers and Friends,

We have a New Moon in the sign of  Gemini coming on 17th  of this month to close our summer. 

This is the last new Moon of the Spring making it a potent time to set new intentions for Summer. 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, Mercury is a mutable planet ruling communication and our minds. Gemini is represented by the twins which teaches us about both sides of our personalities, our social side and our private inner world. 

With the new moon being in the sign of Gemini it would benefit us collectively to focus on setting our intentions and manifesting in the areas of communication, new ideas, and our social lives. This is an excellent time to reflect on stuck, tense, or stagnant communication and focus your intentions on new ways to communicate. 


My New Moon Crystal Recommendations

​Clear Quartz​- amplifying and focusing your intentions. Being crystal clear with your intentions. 

​Fluorite​- clearing mental fog, helps with decision making, and to stay focused.

​Peach Moonstone​- the stone of new beginnings, activates your Sacral chakra. A playful and creative energy. 

​Selenite​- connects to the intuitive Moon energy, activates your crown and higher chakra, cleanses your chakra, your auric field, and your mind. Selenite helps to cleanse an overactive mind of unwanted / unnecessary thoughts. 

Aquamarine- the stone of courage, instilling the wearing with the valor to express parts of themselves that have been repressed, and to set healthy boundaries. 

Smokey Quartz- to help you stay grounded and focused. Gemini energy can stimulate the mind which may make it hard to remain focused and make decisions. 

Mantra- I am learning to graciously communicate parts of myself that have been previously suppressed

1- Set the space, burn, spray, or diffuse sage to cleanse and clear the space. Run a piece of Selenite over your body cleansing yourself of sticky, stuck, and unwanted energies 

2- free write your heart’s deepest desires

3- play or chant along for your meditation

4- Meditate with a ​Clear Quartz ​Crystal

5- Diffuse wild orange if you have some, it’s a scent known to attract abundance

6- Make a vision board

7- make Moon water. Simply place a ​Clear Quartz ​with a couple of drops of wild orange to your water while setting an intention. Drink in your amplified intention internally 

 8- Close with speaking your heart’s desire out loud. 

Bonus- make a crystal grid 

Use your ​Clear Quartz​ as the center stone to amplify your intentions, surround the center stone in a symmetrical pattern using other crystals that represent your desires. 

Journal Prompt

What new ideas would you like to bring to fruition? 

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