New Moon in Cancer [June 28th 2022]

New Moon in Cancer [June 28th 2022]

New Moon in Cancer
June 28th 2022
Nurturing, Family Oriented, and Spiritual

Your inner life, your roots, and family relationships are being highlighted right now

This New Moon in Cancer is emotionally charged, bringing deep subconscious emotions and memories to surface for healing. You are being invited to take a deep dive into the depths of your soul for healing and to bring about new beginnings.

June's New Moon in Cancer is the first lunation since the summer equinox and the beginning of Cancer Season. Coming out of social Gemini Seasons into introverted Cancer Season

This is a time to manifest your deep soul’s longings. Possibly a Soulmate, your Soul Family, deep Soul friendships. Going within to nourish and heal yourself will allow you to emerge ready for deeper and healing connections with others.

Crystals for this New Moon in Cancer

Selenite- cleansing, intuitive, spiritual

Use it to cleanse your subconscious for magical transformations

Peach moonstone- creative, new beginnings, nesting

Use it to help create and manifest new beginnings

Rose Quartz- self-love, empathetic, nurturing

Use it for nourishing and love it yourself so that your cup may be full

Labradorite- transformation, magic, balance

Use it for new realizations and to manifest magical transformations

Amazonite- calming, speaking from the heart, dispels negative energy

Use it to express your heart's true desires

The energy is supportive of nourishing yourself so that you can nourish those you love.

  • go for a walk, ground your energy
  • Meditate with Labradorite and selenite so that your can cleanse and connect with your subconscious
  • Make an elixir using the Rose Quartz to nourish yourself from the inside out
  • Journal and or create a vision board with some peach moonstone and Amazonite nearby to manifest your new beginnings

Journal Prompts

  • What emotions have you been suppressing?
  • What is your unique gift?
  • What connections need nurturing?

New Moon Invocation

New Moon guiding me within

Oh the treasure to be found

Manifesting my Soul Connections

Leading to magical new beginnings

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