♈ New Moon in Aries & the Spring Equinox 🌼

♈ New Moon in Aries & the Spring Equinox 🌼

New Moon in Aries & the Spring Equinox
Monday March 20th - 21st
Action-Oriented, Motivated, courageous 
Time to manifest 

This Aries New Moon marks the beginning of the Astrological New Year and it coincides with the Spring Equinox. There is a sense of renewal, new beginnings, and fresh starts in the air. This isn’t just any new beginning, this one is major, as we are at 0 degrees. It’s like a whole cosmic reset! Below I have some crystal recommendations and practices to help you to best harness this energy. Trust me when I say, you DON’T want to waste this POTENT time for MANIFESTING.

The energy is supportive for planting seeds in order to cultivate New Beginnings in your LIFE. 

Aries is a powerful firesign represented by Ram, an animal that is determined and will never give up! They can survive in harsh environments, reminding us that we too can preserve and thrive when we don’t give up! The energy now is igniting our fire within, activating our Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. 

I encourage you to take a moment and tune into this powerful Aries New Moon energy! 

What is coming up for you? What sets your Soul on Fire? 

Because Aries is a fire sign, don’t be surprised if your passion may be ignited! You may be feeling inspired to begin a new project, to create, or to learn something new! 

Crystals for the Aries New Moon

Clear Quartz- Amplifies your intentions for the seeds you’ve planted and the new beginnings that you are cultivating.

Use- wear, hold it in your hand and set an intention, use it to create an elixir, to align your chakras, and to create a crystal grid 

Sunstone- Brings in the fiery energy of the sun and helps to spark your fire and drive! Sunstone banishes self-doubt and Pessimism, it’s a natural mood and self-esteem boosting crystal 

Use- wear it bring in the uplifting energy of the Sun 

Citrine- Helps to attract optimism, a fresh start, and positivity for your future. Citrine helps the wearer step into their personal power and move forward in life. 

Use- wear it, use it on a crystal grid, place it in the SW corner of your home or office to bring in wealth, prosperity, and abundance, you can also make a crystal elixir with Citrine.

Peach Moonstone- The stone of New Beginnings! Peach Moonstone helps to get your creative juices flowing! It connects you to the divine all knowing femine energy and helps you to create from your heart

Use- wear it, lay it on your Sacral Chakra to help align your creative energies, meditate with your Peach Moonstone to deeply connect with your hearts longings

Carnelian- Sparks your passion for life, ignites your joy and your need for connection! Carnelian will get your creative juices flowing bestow you with the courage to put yourself out there! 

Use- Wear your Carnelian while you are in the creative process, and when you want to feel inspired. 


My fire has been ignited and I’m using it to manifest a powerful new beginning 

I love the energy of this new moon! It’s energizing, filled with hope, and revitalizes my passion for life! 

What ignites your fire? 

-New Moon Ceremony-

During this New Moon I encourage you to burn a fire and read aloud what you are manifesting! It is very powerful to hear your own voice. 

Also, create a list of your fears or what you currently believe is holding you back from manifesting your heart's desires! 

Also read this aloud, but I want you to BURN this list, hand it over to the Universe with total trust! 

Focus your energy on what you are manifesting not on the perceived limitations 

Here is a powerful mantra to help you create your manifestations! This mantra translates as:

Reputed to be the most powerful Sikh mantra, Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad can be translated as “The creator and the creation are one. All is a blessing of the one creator. This realization comes through Guru's Grace.”

Below is my favorite version that I invite you to listen to during your fire ceremony: 


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