Full Moon in Libra ⚖️

Full Moon in Libra ⚖️

 Full moon in Libra ⚖️
April 6th 
Pink Full Moon 
Balance, Harmony, & Peace🕊️

Time to get serious about LOVE and take action toward what you LOVE! 

As I wrote this Full Moon in Libra newsletter, crazy winds are entering Las Vegas, reminding me of how we need to blow out the energy of our lives that are causing us to be out of balance.

This full moon in Libra is inviting us to cut cords from relationships that are no longer serving us. 

The Full Moon occurs on Thursday, April 6th, when the Sun in Aries forms an opposition to the Libra Moon. It’s a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of something new will begin at this full Moon’s peak. Expect Heightened emotions, romance, relationship drama, and epiphanies are themes.

The Aries-Libra polarity is a relationship axis, where Aries represents “self,” and Libra represents “other.” Where Aries is about self-assertion, Libra is about compromise. ( according to Forever Consciousness) it’s about finding a balance between self-assertion and compromise. 

With the Libra Moon, our relationship needs and desires are in the spotlight. How do we find a balance and  maintain and balance our needs and desires in relationships ( libra ) and being self-assertive, leading, and personally courageous ( Aries ).

Get ready for some springtime magic which is all about renewal and rebirthing in our relationships! Fiery and exciting Aries is opposing the sensual and feeling Libra which is ruled by Venus! 

I made a video for you about crystals for this Full Moon in Libra 

✨ Crystals for the Full Moon in Libra ✨

Rose Quartz- Helps you to balance the love you give to yourself and the love you give to others. Rose Quartz helps to balance your emotions, and it soothes the emotions bringing in a sense of peace and harmony. 

Use- Wear rose Quartz jewelry, place a piece of rose Quartz on your heart center, make a full moon elixir by setting it outside to be charged by the full moon light and then drink your mom water taking the energy in internally to nourish your heart. Meditate with Rose Quartz to help release past heartaches and to forgive yourself and others. 

Labradorite- Helps to balance the seen and unseen, your subconscious and your conscious, the right and the left hemisphere of the brain. Labradorite is the stone of  magical transformations helping with rebirthing and renewal of energy 

Use- Labradorite is a powerful crystal to use during dream work and meditations. It will help you to deeply access your subconscious to see what is causing imbalances in your life. Wear your Labradorite jewelry sleeping, place it under the full for a charge to help increase its powerful psychic properties. Meditate and journal with a piece of Labradorite nearby. I like to place mine on my third eye while in Savasana. 

Amazonite- Helps to balance what your heart is telling you and what your brain is telling you. Amazonite helps to balance the emotions and facilitates peaceful communication from the heart.  

Use- Wear your Amazonite Jewelry. Amazonite helps to clear stagnate, stuck, heavy, and unwanted energies from your heart center and throat chakra. It provides a clear line to help you communicate more clearly from your heart. Amazonite is an excellent stone to have close to you when Communicating. It is a great stone to help you hear what is in your heart and put that into words. 

Ametrine- A Blend of Amethyst and Citrine. Ametrine helps you to find balance between work and rest. It helps you to trust your gut and your intuition when moving forward in life. 

Use- Ametrine is the perfect stone when you are wanting to increase your motivation to work, but you don’t want to burn out and you want to stay connected to spirit. Place a piece in your office, the SW corner to attract abundance. You can also use Ametrine in an Elixir to take the energy internally, and of course, wear a piece of jewelry with Ametrine to keep the energy close! 

Tourmalinated Quartz- Helps to balance your body's energies. It activates your crown chakra stimulating your connection to spirit while also grounding you in the present moment and providing an energetic protection. Tourmalinated Quartz  with black Tourmaline growing inside it, making it the perfect crystal to balance your Yin/Yang energy.  It helps to amplify your intentions while also protecting you. 

Use- this is an excellent stone to meditate with. It will help you to connect to spirit while also staying grounded. Wear Tourmalinated Quartz to help balance your energy. 

Shiva Lingam- This sacred stone is found in only one of seven sacred rivers in India. The Shiva Lingam stone is used to balance our feminine and masculine energies. The Shiva Lingam also helps to balance the two polarities within us, our emotions and our physical bodies. 

Use- Place a Shiva Lingam in each hand during Savasana, rest, and or mediation to help balance your energy.

I encourage your read more about this unique stone, here!

📿 Mantra 📿

I am inviting the energy of balance, harmony, and renewal into my relationships 

✍️Journal Prompts ✍️

 What do you need to release to find more balance in your life? What is causing the scales to be off kilter? 

🌕 Full Moon Ritual 🌕

  • Set the space by Lighting and incense or diffusing your favorite essential oil. I like frankincense for clearing the space or Sage

  • Start with a meditation by going within and holding your Labradorite to help bring the subconscious to the conscious for transformation

  • After your meditation would be a perfect time to journal whatever came up during the meditation into also go to the journal prompts that I provided you above

  • I love listening to this mantra while doing my full moon meditation for releasing Https://open.spotify.com/track/7AE6ZAN1vUgnP0M7DDXzUM?si=vgRgLVhWTdSLZIVKV1mF8g

  • Write down your releases and what is no longer serving you think about what is causing your life to feel out of balance and after you write those down and encourage you to burn those into a fire releasing the energy to the universe

  • Make some moonwater, take some rose quartz and place it in a glass jar under the full moon. You can also do this with your Smokey Quartz. Place the crystals into Separate glass jars  underneath the full moon energizing the Smokey Quartz for releasing and the Rose Quartz for amplifying self-love and sensuality. You can then take that moonwater and drink the energy and internally you could also cook with the moonwater add it to your bath water or even water your plants with it

  • This full Moon is an opportunity to release anything that is causing you to feel out of balance. Libra is all about balancing our emotions and Aries is all about drive and “get it done” energy! The combined energy of Libra and Aries is about working to find balance in our lives, especially in our romantic relationships. 

    This full moon is asking you to reflect on where you are giving your energy and where you are receiving. This is an opportunity to reflect on your relationships and to find a healthy balance between giving and receiving. 

    Some examples, finding a balance between time spent with your family & time spent with your friends. Finding a healthy balance between time spent at work, and thinking about work & time spent on activities that bring you pleasure, a balance between alone time & time with others. 

     Where do you feel out of balance in your life? It may feel like depletion or extra pressure.

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