The Snow Full Moon in Leo [February 5, 2023]

The Snow Full Moon in Leo [February 5, 2023]

The Snow Full Moon in Leo

Bold, Vivacious, Heart-Centered

The Aquarius Sun is opposing the Moon in Leo


The Aquarius / Leo Polarity 

We are being encouraged to find balance between our romantic and personal  relationships and our impersonal / group relationships


This full moon illuminates the conflict between heart centered Leo and Individualistic Aquarius 


The Full Moon in Leo carries a strong and confident heart centered vibration that will encourage us to take bold action. Our deepest Heart’s desires will be illuminated and anything holding us back from cultivating these desires will be brought to light. This is a potent time front and face your obstacles. 


Leo energy craves attention, affection, and adoration. Leo is an expressive sign, and you may be feeling the pull to express your heart. Use this bold and courageous energy as an opportunity to step into your power and take a leap of faith! Emotions are running high and feel more intense at this time. You may feel overwhelmed, but remember our emotions are here to teach us and help us  gain a deeper understanding of ourselves so pay attention.

Full Moon in Leo Ceremony


Set The Space- Light a candle, burn some sage or palo santo, play some music. I personally love the chant homecoming Ganapataye Namaha. This is a powerful chance for helping to remove obstacles.


Meditate- Use some Selenite, Labradorite, and / or clear Quartz to help gain clarity, cleanse your overactive mind and gain new insights


Journal- Grab you Amazonite and / or Aquamarine and tune into your heart. Use your journal to express your deepest heart’s desires. No dream is too big or too small. Just write what is calling to you. You deserve it!


Make Moon Water- Place your Crystal in some water and set it out under the full moon. Write your intentions on a piece of paper and place it under the jar of water. This is often referred to as a crystal elixir. 



Clear Quartz- To amplify your intentions

Rose Quartz- Open your heart center and fill yourself with love

Smokey Quartz- Remove unwanted and heavy energies from your energy field and remove self-defeating thoughts


Set any Crystal that you feel needs to be Charged and Cleansed under the full moon, and yes, a window sill is just fine. 


Write your Releases- Take your releases and read them aloud, then burn them under the full moon, this act is a form of releasing it over to the Universe with trust that what is no longer serving you is leaving your energy field. 


Leo Full Moon Opposing Aquarius 

Embrace your Uniqueness

Ask your heart, what  desires are bubbling to the surface right now? Release your fears and obstacles so  you can authentically express yourself. 

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