New Moon In Virgo 2023

New Moon In Virgo 2023

Embracing the Earthy Wisdom: Harnessing the New Moon in Virgo

September 13, 2023 

Analytical, Practical, & Intuitive 

Virgo’s the Natural Healer of the Zodiac

Time to uplevel your daily routines! 

New Moon Energy is the start of a new Lunar cycle. It is a time to go within, reflect, and set new intentions. 

All New Moon is an extremely powerful time to plant new seeds of inspiration, this particular New Moon in Virgo will highlight self-reflection and purification.  Given this  Earth's sign’s grounded and stable energy, there will be extra emphasis on recharging your batteries so you can move forward as your best self.

The New Moon in Virgo blesses us with a surge of diligent and analytical energy. It encourages us to focus on self-improvement, personal growth, and the refinement of our daily routines. Virgo's discerning nature asks us to assess our lives with a critical eye, releasing what no longer serves our highest good. This lunar phase invites us to set clear intentions, create practical strategies, and take small steps towards manifesting our dreams. The energy of this new moon supports grounding, purification, and a harmonious alignment of mind, body, and spirit.

Here are some key cosmic energies to expect during this lunar phase:

  1. Virgo Energy:

Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury. It embodies qualities such as practicality, organization, attention to detail, and analytical thinking. During the new moon in Virgo, these energies are heightened, urging us to focus on self-improvement, personal growth, and refining our skills. It's an ideal time to set realistic goals, establish routines, and pay attention to the smaller details in our lives.

  1. Earth Element:

The new moon in Virgo aligns with the earth element, emphasizing stability, grounding, and practicality. Earth energies encourage us to connect with nature, find balance in our lives, and cultivate a sense of stability and security. This energy supports our efforts to manifest our intentions into tangible results and encourages us to work diligently towards our goals.

  1. Healing and Purification:

Virgo is associated with healing and purification, and this energy is particularly potent during the new moon phase. It's an opportune time to release any emotional or energetic baggage, heal past wounds, and engage in self-care practices. The energies of the new moon in Virgo support detoxification and rejuvenation on all levels, allowing us to create space for positive growth and transformation.

  1. Mercury's Influence:

Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, governs communication, intellect, and mental clarity. Its influence during the new moon in Virgo enhances our ability to analyze situations, make sound decisions, and communicate effectively. This energy supports introspection, self-reflection, and deepening our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. With Mercury also in Retrograde right you can expect the past to resurface for analysis. Just don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. You may gain some extra clarity about your past and how it is influencing you now during Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. 

  1. Practicality and Organization:

The new moon in Virgo encourages us to focus on practical matters, bringing order and structure into our lives. This energy supports planning, organizing, and implementing systems that enhance our efficiency and productivity. It's an excellent time to declutter and create a harmonious environment that promotes clarity of thought and a sense of well-being.

  1. Attention to Health and Wellness:

Virgo is associated with the physical body, health, and well-being. During the new moon in Virgo, there is an increased emphasis on self-care, healthy habits, and holistic wellness practices. It's an ideal time to assess your lifestyle choices, establish self-care rituals, and make adjustments that support your overall well-being.

Crystals Spiritual Empowerment for the  New Moon in Virgo

​Sapphire- The Stone of Wisdom, calms the nerves, and allows you to access deeper levels of consciousness. Awakens your Intuition and brings about new levels of awareness.  

​Selenite- The Stone of purification and cleansing. It helps to calm and quiet an over- active mind 

​Peach Moonstone- The Stone for creating and manifesting new beginnings for your highest and best self. This stone sparks your creativity and awakens your inner joy! 

​Azurite / Malachite- Connects you to the healing energies of Mother Earth and a deep intuitive knowing. It expands your heart and helps to heal deep traumas. 

​Clear Quartz- A master healing stone that amplifies your intentions, and helps to  focus your intentions and energy on what you are desiring to manifest 

Mantra- I am grounded in the present  moment and making decisions that reflect self-love and expansion of my mind. 

Virgo Energy

The Maiden and only female of the Zodiac 

Intuitive Insights

Organizing your thoughts, ideas, and plans for the future


Ruled by Mercury

Strong Communication skills 

 Sensitive and Empathetic

Analyzer and an eye for details

You can take advantage of Virgo’s healing energies. This would be a great time to set some new intentions around a health regime for yourself. Maybe try some grounding activities such as walking barefoot on the ground, juicing, yoga. Anything in the natural healing modality that calls to you.

This is also a wonderful time to get organized mentally and physically. Bring some peace to your monkey mind with some meditation, breathing, and or visualization. I personally love to meditate with Selenite to rid my over active mind of mindless thoughts. Clear Quartz helps me to focus my mind on a specific intention.

You may be feeling the call to organize your home, your office, or even your drawers. Virgo energy loves practical streamlined systems to help your life flow better.

“It is health which is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. ” 

– Mahatma Gandhi

“It is health which is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. ” 

– Mahatma Gandhi

Journal Prompts

Virgo’s LOVE lists and plans, and I want to give you a nudge, some encouragement to create one for yourself. A daily routine that will support your health. 

What inspires you? What are you feeling passionate about? What feeds your Soul? 

This may include meditation, walks, reading more, diet…. anything that will help support your healing and advancing to the best possible you. 

Make small attainable goals and then when you feel successful come back and revisit your plan / list. 

One WARNING when working with VIRGO energy, don't get caught up in self-criticism. That would defeat the purpose of healing and loving yourself. 

This is meant to be a fun exercise for self-growth! 

New Moon Ritual 

  • run a piece of Selenite over your body, allowing your energy fiend to be cleansed of dense energies 
  • cleanse in an epsom salt bath with a piece of clear Quartz or rose Quartz and some lavender. This will help to cleanse your body, mind and soul. 

Cleanse your space with some sage spray or or by burning some sage

  • move your body, release stagnant energy, try a few sun salutations, and then surrender into child's pose. You may want to end in a restorative pose, like a legs you the wall 
  • Use your clear Quartz to meditate, it will help to focus your mind. You can do this by holding the clear in your hands and setting and intention or you can lie down and place the clear Quartz on your third eye. 
  • After you meditate, try some free writing, just let whatever needs to come out of mind flow, a brain dump
  • Next, work with the journal prompts above. 
  • Lastly, rub some essential oils on your feet for grounding and have a glass of tea 
  • bonus - create a Visual for yourself, a vision board or maybe a new Pinterest board 

The new moon in Virgo brings forth a practical, organized, and healing energy. It encourages us to focus on self-improvement, purification, and attention to detail. By aligning ourselves with these cosmic energies, we can make the most of this lunar phase, setting intentions for personal growth, establishing practical routines, and embracing a holistic approach to wellness.

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