New Moon in Libra & Solar Eclipse 2023

New Moon in Libra & Solar Eclipse 2023

New Moon in Libra & Solar Eclipse 
​October 14th, 2023 
10:55 AM PST
Embracing Harmony 

​Cultivating balance in our relationships 
Peace, love, beauty and harmony 

During this new moon, in Libra, the Earth will witness a ring of fire, a solar eclipse!

Solar eclipses are fate-changing alignments that bring fated endings, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. Libra's energy will make ignoring relationships that feel out of balance impossible.

Use Labradorite to help you reflect and to see things on a deeper level. Labradorite is the stone for facilitating magical transformations. 

Labradorite is known for its iridescent play of colors, which represents the mystical and transformative energy of eclipses. It is believed to enhance intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual growth.

New moons invite us to reflect, rest, and recharge. They support manifesting.  

Libra, the sign symbolizing balance, justice, and beauty, takes center stage during this celestial event. The New Moon in Libra invites us to examine the scales of our lives, encouraging us to assess our relationships, partnerships, and the harmony within ourselves. It is a time for introspection, self-reflection, and realignment.

Libra is ruled by Venus, and having the New Moon in Libra sets the tone for finding harmony and balance in our relationships. Libra energy is open, imaginative, flirtatious and playful. Reflect on your relationships and what you wish to manifest in them. 

Use this event as an opportunity to define what you want in a partner. Speak it out loud and pull it into your energy field. 

We are being invited to reflect on how we show love in our relationships, including our relationships with ourselves. 

Don’t be surprised if a spark is lit that brings new life to your romantic relationships during this time. 

This energy is very supportive for shaking things up, surprises, and opening your heart to love. Libra is about creation, and the New Moon is all about planting seeds of new beginnings and setting new intentions.

Since this new moon is focusing on finding balance in your relationships, allow yourself to be completely open and honest about your wants and needs — not just in your romantic relationships, but also in the one you have with yourself. Honest and direct communication is key to keeping all of your relationships in check, so use this week to check in with yourself and others that are important to you.

We are shifting into Cardinal energy which is dynamic moving forward energy. You may be desiring freedom. You may be feeling out of sync and on a different frequency than your partner. Libra is about fairness, justice, and balance and relationship with ourselves. When we have self-love and self-respect we have more balance in all of our relationships, when we lack self-love we tend to have weak boundaries which causes our relationships to be out of balance.

Lastly, the energies right now are about getting what we have earned (Karma) How have you used your power?

If you are in a relationship, issues may come up for discussion. If you are not in a relationship or have recently left a relationship then this is the time to get crystal clear about what your needs are. This is an optimal time to reassess your agreement with yourself. Take this time to work on your self-esteem.

You deserve to be loved, honored, and cherished.

Crystal Recommendations for the New Moon in Libra:

​Ametrine- brings balance between your spiritual guidance and your ego, between rest and doing, and between abundance of wealth and prosperity and spiritual wisdom. 

Tourmalinated Quartz- balances your yin/Yang energy. Balances being grounded and in the moment with connecting to spirit and being out of body. Amplifies your intentions during this new moon. 

​Rhodochrosite– A stone of compassion and heart healing. It helps to attract romantic Love. 

​Mookaite~ flexible and versatile stone that balances your inner and outer experiences, your inner and outer needs and desires.

Peach Moonstone- attracts new beginnings to your life. Helps to bring balance to your emotions and hormones. 


​I am finding a balance between loving myself, giving and receiving love, and my work life.

We live in the energy of karma, the scales will be balanced and I trust that truth and justice will prevail. 

The New Moon in Libra gifts us with an opportunity to restore equilibrium, both within ourselves and our relationships. By harnessing the energies of this celestial event and utilizing the power of crystals, we can embark on a transformative journey towards harmony, love, and self-discovery. May your intentions manifest with grace as you embrace the radiant energies of the New Moon in Libra.

Journal Prompts:

  1. What do you desire from a love relationship? 
  2. How can you create balance between your work and relationships?
  3. How can you be more loving in your relationships? 

Reflect and discover new ways of interacting with others that are aligned with your values. 

New Moon in Libra Ceremony

  1. Prepare a sacred space by clearing the area, lighting candles, and surrounding yourself with the crystals mentioned above. Sit comfortably, take a few deep breaths, and center your awareness.
  2. Reflect upon your life's areas that require balance and harmony. Write down your intentions for fostering healthy relationships, finding inner equilibrium, and embracing beauty in all its forms.
  3. Create a vision board about the love you have for yourself and the love you want to attract.
  4. Write an appreciation list for someone you love and send it to them!
  5. Meditation: Close your eyes and enter a state of deep relaxation. Visualize yourself surrounded by a luminous pink and green aura, symbolizing love, balance, and renewal. Envision your intentions manifesting with each breath, infused with the rejuvenating energies of the New Moon in Libra.
  6. Crystal Activation: Hold each crystal in your hands, one at a time, and visualize them being infused with the intention of balance and harmony. Feel their energy merging with your own, creating a harmonious resonance within.

Let LOVE flow 

Extremes are easy. Strive for balance. - St. Petersburg Yoga

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