Crystals for December

Crystals for December

"Harmonizing the Holidays: Harnessing December's Energies with Powerful Crystals"

December is a month that's filled with a unique energy, characterized by a blend of festivity, reflection, and transition. As the year draws to a close, it's a time when many people around the world celebrate various holidays, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. This festive atmosphere brings an air of joy, togetherness, and goodwill.

One prominent aspect of December is its association with winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The days are shorter, and the weather grows colder, encouraging people to gather indoors, light fires, and spend quality time with loved ones. The cozy ambiance of December creates a sense of warmth and intimacy, fostering connections and shared experiences.

December is also a month of reflection and introspection. As the year nears its end, it's a natural time for people to contemplate their achievements, lessons learned, and personal growth. Many individuals engage in practices like journaling, goal-setting, and meditation to gain clarity and set intentions for the upcoming year. This introspective energy encourages self-discovery and the pursuit of personal transformation.

In the realm of birthstones, December is associated with the mesmerizing turquoise. Turquoise is a gemstone known for its vibrant blue-green color, reminiscent of clear ocean waters or a winter sky. It has been revered for centuries across different cultures for its beauty and spiritual significance. Turquoise is believed to possess healing properties, symbolizing purification, protection, and good fortune.

Crystals for the month of December

Turquoise- Along with being the birthstone for December, it is believed that incorporating Turquoise can evoke a sense of tranquility, balance, and positive energy during this hectic month. Turquoise is associated with enhancing communication, self-expression, and empathy. It is believed to facilitate honest and open dialogue, making it an appealing stone for fostering harmonious interactions and understanding during social and familial gatherings. During December, a month associated with various religious and spiritual celebrations, turquoise's properties may be particularly relevant for those seeking to deepen their spiritual connections or enhance their intuition. December can also be a popular month for travel, and the Native Americans believed  that turquoise provides extra protection during travel.

Selenite- Selenite’s translucent appearance and its association with clarity and illumination can be seen as a symbolic bringer of the light to the darkness. Selenite’s properties are a powerful connection to the divine which many people seek especially during the month of December. Selenite is used to cleanse and purify energy making a good crystal for releasing the past, and setting intentions for the future.

Red Jasper- December can be a busy and sometimes stressful time of year, red Jasper possesses grounding properties that can help with maintaining balance and stability. Red jaspers, nurturing energy, provide a sense of warmth and protection. Red jasper, promotes vitality, strength, and motivation, making it the perfect Crystal for planning for the future.

Green Aventurine- with the end of the year approaching, December is a time of self reflection. Green Aventurine supports personal growth and renewal, and emotional healing. Green Aventurine helps with finding balance, calm, and stability. Green Aventurine attracts opportunities in lines with the spirit of generosity and good fortune associated with the holiday season. 

Pyrite- Pyrite is associated with the energies of manifestation, abundance, and prosperity. December is a month involving celebrations and gift giving, which can be overwhelming. The properties of pyrite help to attract opportunities to attract wealth and prosperity. Pyrite carries energies that promote vitality, stamina, and empowerment, which can help individuals stay motivated during this busy and festive season. Pyrite helps to deflect unwanted feelings and emotions that damage our self-esteem. Pyrite promotes a positive outlook fostering a healthy mindset.

Mantra- I embrace the “present” moments  of December as a magical reminder to give gratitude for the moments and to manifest my dreams.


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