Capricorn Season

Capricorn Season

 Embracing the Energies of Capricorn 
December 22nd - January 19th
Hard working, determined, ambitious

Symbolized by the steadfast Sea Goat, this earth sign is known for its big picture perspective and level headed  approach to life. This season invites you to get serious about establishing structure, purpose, and value in your life.

As we move out of fiery, Playful, and social Sagittarius Season the energy is inviting us to harness, ground, and create using the pragmatic Capricorn energy 

Capricorns are Cardinal Earth signs, they are known for their ambition, hard work, and determination.

They take their relationships very seriously and they are careful and discerning about who they let into their life. They are excellent at setting boundaries and protecting their energy.

Capricorn’s are the responsible one’s in the group and this energy is encouraging all of us to take responsibility for where we are at in our lives.

Capricorns can overwork themselves and they need to find a balance between their work life and their personal life. Capricorn can come across as cold because of their strict boundaries, but under earth is a very caring and protective heart. 

  • trustworthy
  • Straightforward 
  • Practical
  • Hard-working 
  • Ambitious 
  • Responsible 
  • Discipline is a key theme during Capricorn season, urging us to organize our lives, set boundaries, and establish routines that support our long-term objectives. By practicing self-discipline and prioritizing our responsibilities, we can lay the groundwork for success and achievement in the months ahead. This is an opportune time to reassess our priorities, streamline our efforts, and commit to the necessary steps that will lead us toward our goals.

    -Crystals for Capricorn Season-

    Tiger's Eye- with its captivating golden-brown hues and unique chatoyancy, offers a perfect synergy with the energies of Capricorn season. As Capricorns navigate this period marked by ambition and resilience, Tiger's Eye serves as a powerful ally, instilling them with the courage, confidence, and practicality needed to pursue their ambitions. This stone's grounding properties help Capricorns maintain focus and determination, while its protective qualities shield them from negativity and self-doubt. By wearing or carrying Tiger's Eye during Capricorn season, individuals born under this sign can harness its stabilizing energy to remain steadfast on their path, overcome obstacles with resilience, and manifest their aspirations with unwavering confidence and clarity.

    Garnet- Garnet is a particularly auspicious stone for Capricorn season due to its alignment with the characteristics that define this period. As Capricorns embrace their ambitious and persevering nature, the deep red hues of Garnet serve as a symbol of strength, determination, and vitality. This stone's grounding energy resonates with Capricorn's earthy nature, providing a stabilizing influence that helps individuals stay focused on their goals and maintain a sense of security. Additionally, Garnet is believed to inspire courage and promote success, making it an ideal companion for Capricorns as they work diligently toward their long-term aspirations during this season. By incorporating Garnet into their practices, Capricorns can harness its empowering energies to fortify their resolve, enhance their endurance, and align themselves with the transformative magic of Capricorn season.

    Bloodstone-  During the season of Capricorn, the fortifying energies of bloodstone make it an exceptional companion for individuals born under this earth sign. The deep green color flecked with red bloodstone resonates with Capricorn's grounded and ambitious nature. Bloodstone is renowned for its ability to instill courage, enhance endurance, and promote strength, making it a perfect aid for Capricorns as they navigate this period focused on determination and resilience. This stone's grounding influence supports Capricorns in staying connected to their goals, while its purifying and revitalizing properties help to dispel negativity and revitalize the spirit. By incorporating bloodstone into their practices during Capricorn season, individuals born under this sign can benefit from its supportive energies, fostering perseverance and empowering them to overcome challenges with a renewed sense of vitality and purpose.

    Lapis lazuli-  with its deep blue hue flecked with golden pyrite, offers a harmonious resonance with the energies of Capricorn season. As Capricorns embrace this period of ambition and resilience, lapis lazuli serves as a potent ally, facilitating inner wisdom, truth, and mental clarity. The stone's association with self-awareness and self-expression aligns with Capricorn's inclination towards introspection and goal-setting, empowering them to communicate their aspirations with authenticity and purpose. Lapis lazuli's calming influence also aids in promoting a sense of inner peace and focus, supporting Capricorns as they work diligently towards their long-term objectives during this season. By incorporating lapis lazuli into their rituals and practices, Capricorns can tap into its transformative properties, fostering a deeper connection with their ambitions while nurturing a balanced and insightful approach to their endeavors.

    Here is a great mantra to recite during Capricorn Season 

    Mantra- I use my ambition and determination to create the life I desire

    Another great Mantra to repeat 

    "I am steadfast and determined, guided by wisdom and strength. With discipline and perseverance, I build the foundations of my success."

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