Hello Dearest Crystal Lovers and Friends!

It’s time for my recommendations for Maintaining Good Health…
​(Please note that these are not presciptions, just suggestions. Always consult your medical professional first)

Shungite: A stone for cleansing and healing. It purifies and changes water molicules which makes it an amazing elixir. Use it to ease anxiety, insomnia and inflammation in the body.

Selenite: The Cleansing stone. It carries light, peaceful and spiritual energy. It’s used to connect to one’s higher self and divine energy.

Aquamarine: Get more in touch with your higher self and alieviate fears. Speak your truth with confidence and become more responsible for yourself and your actions.

  • Shungite stones and Aquamarine stones can be added to water for an elixir. Selenite should NEVER get wet as it is too soft of a crystal.

To Happiness and Good Health….