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Jet with Pyrite inclusions and Shungite Bracelet

Jet with Pyrite inclusions and Shungite Bracelet

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7-inch 8mm Bracelet with Jet and Pyrite inclusions and Shungite Bracelet and sterling silver accent beads. 

Jet~ Root Chakra 

Jet is a grounding and protective stone. Physically, it helps to alleviate pain, specifically headaches. Jet works like an energetic filter, filtering out the negative energies. Jet has powerful purification and properties. It is used to clear negative energies from the aura. They can also be used to cleanse other crystals. Jet is helpful for those experiencing grief and an overabundance of stressful energies. 

Mantra- My energy is clearing and I am protected and grounded in the present moment

Pyrite- Solar Plexus Chakra

The name pyrite comes from the Greek word meaning “a stone which strikes fire.” Pyrite is also known as “fool’s gold” because of its gold appearance. Pyrite helps the wearer to step into your power and to tap into your internal fire. It bestows courage and helps the wearer to overcome their fears. Pyrite assists with overcoming bad habits and creating new healthy habits for yourself. Pyrite makes a wonderful energy shield, blocking out negativity from all sources. Use pyrite to overcome lethargy and fatigue, it will help to increase your stamina. It also is believed to increase the oxygen supply to the blood and strengthen the circulatory system.

Mantra- I have the courage to step into my power to create new healthy habits for myself 


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