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Selenite Bracelet with an Agate Druzy charm

Selenite Bracelet with an Agate Druzy charm

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7 inch 8mm Selenite Bracelet with a CZ accent bead and agate Druzy charm 

Selenite~ Crown Chakra~
Evokes protection from the Angelic realm while dispelling negative energy. It is soothing and calming and brings peace & tranquility. Enhances mental, clears up confusion and helps reveal the underlying force behind your struggles. Assists with connecting to your Inner Knowing and Divine beings. Selenite is a high vibration crystal that quickly accelerates your spiritual growth.

Selenite is a high vibing #crown and high chakras crystal / stone, it’s a form of gypsum named after the Greek Moon Goddess Selene.
This a calming and cleansing stone perfect for cleansing your auric field and to meditate with for a deeper experience.

Mantra- I release all that does not serve my highest and best, my energy is cleansed 

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