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Amethyst OM Bracelet

Amethyst OM Bracelet

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7 inch 10mm light Amethyst Bracelet with a 12mm Sterling Silver accent Bead and a Sterling Silver Om Charm 

7 inch Amethyst Bracelet with a Rhinestone accent Bead 

Amethyst – Etheric, Crown, and 3rd Eye Chakras

The stone of Spiritual protection, purification, and Royalty. Amethyst literally means in Greek, not drunken. Even Crystal healers today have intuited Amethyst to help curb overindulgence. It can be used to assist quitting addictions and harmful habits. Amethyst stimulates your upper Chakras helping you to access higher states of consciousness. Amethyst is used to call in the healing of the “Violet Flame” which facilitates spiritual purification and helps to rid the body and spirit of karmic caused dis-ease. Having Amethyst encases you in a Spiritual bubble of protection, awakening, and serenity. Amethyst stimulates the mind and is powerful for spiritual expansion. It is a wonderful meditation tool for connecting with higher states of consciousness. 

Mantra: I am calling in the Violet Flame to assist me with releasing unhealthy habits and to expand my spiritual connection


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