Full Moon in Aries

October 13, 2019

Aries the warrior and transformer
Passionate and powerful

Crystal Recommendations for the Full Moon in Aries:

Labradorite ~ Bringing the subconscious to the conscious for illumination and transformation

Carnelian ~ Fiery, energetic, get things done, warrior energy, creative, confidence to be yourself

Rhodonite ~ Helps you to heal your relationships, including your relationship with yourself. It helps you to see both sides of situations facilitating more balanced and harmonious relationships 

For this full moon in Aries, plan to take action but balance how your actions affect others.  Aries can have a destructive side but sometimes things have to fall apart before they can be build anew.

During this time, tempers may flare and people may be more easily triggered and reactive.

Be patient with yourself and others if you find situations unexpectedly escalating.  Take a step back and evaluate.  Remember to respond instead of reacting.

You may find that you’re facing a final closure and release within relationships.  Now is the time to balance being ourselves alone and becoming more ourselves in relationships.  We can’t have a meaningful and transformative relationships if we aren’t able to be our  authentic selves within our relationships. 

We need relationships to challenge us, to facilitate growth, and to mirror back our true selves.

Now is an optimal time to ignite your passions and do something exciting and new. Shine the light on what you’ve been working on below the surface, finding the courage to share it with the world, or at least with those you have earned the right to to your inner world.

Crystal Tips

Meditate or sleep with Labradorite.  Ask a question / set an intention before you meditate or go to sleep. Then do free writing as soon as you wake up in the morning or when you meditation is complete. I find it best to keep your journal on your night stand or near by, you want to start writing while your memories and thoughts are fresh in your mind.

Labradorite stimulates your subconscious so if you want to dive deep then this is the stone for you to help uncover different aspects of yourself.. It is also a highly protective stone, meaning no worries when going into a deep sleep or meditation you are protected.

Carry and wear Rhodonite after cleansing under the full moon and setting your intentions for the stone. For example, healing relationships, more self love, keeping you grounded while opening your heart to love. I also recommend laying Rhodonite on your heart center to help bring your heart chakra into balance.

Carnelian is a fun and vibrant stone. I suggest wearing and or carrying Carnelian in your pocket. This isn’t a stone I would sleep or meditate with because it is so high energy, but by wearing Carnelian it will help to boost your self esteem helping your to have the confidence to be your authentic true self in relationships. You may notice this also helps you to weed some people you aren’t resonating with you out of your life…. This allows room for new connections to be made.

Journal prompts for the Full Moon in Aries:

1~ Make a list of how you are holding back and why? 

2~ where do you need to find more balance in your life and what can you release whether physically or emotionally to allow more space / balance in your life

3~ Write your releases to then give over to Universe in an act of faith by burning them, and here’s the thing we can’t release things about ourselves that we don’t see, but full moon’s are great illuminators and with the help of Labradorite hopefully you will be seeing yourself in a new light.


Make the decision about what you are ready to release with the full moon. What are you no longer going to allow to hold you back?

~ Set the mood of your space by lighting candles or incense, smudging, or diffuse your favorite essential oils… If you are using essential oils, I recommend lavender and frankincense for the calming energy.

~ Collect your crystals.  In addition to  Labroadorite, Carnelian and Rhodonite, you may want to add Moonstone (for it’s calming energy of new beginnings) and Clear Quartz to amplify your intentions.

~ Play music /  mantra of your choice – For this Full Moon, I recommend the Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha releasing chant.

~ In your journal or on notebook paper, write out what you are releasing, what is no longer serving you and release the energies that are blocking you path to growth.

~ Burn your release.  Take the paper you wrote your releases down on and burn it in a safe place, preferably outdoors.  This is an act of trust.  You are returning these things back to the Universe. 

~ Make a full moon crystal elixir with Smokey Quartz.

~ Close your ceremony with gratitude

Your Full Moon releasing ceremony is best done outdoors, within 3 days of the actual Full Moon – even better if you are able to complete your ceremony under the Full Moon itself!  Choose crystals to leave outside for a Full Moon energy bath.

How this Full Moon will affect your specific Sun Sign

Aries~ power struggles, debt, fears, past traumas, oppression, public image, release emotional purge 

Taurus~ resting, time-outs, connection with inner world,deep realizations upsets with aligning your routines

Gemini~ socialization and friends

Cancer~ Intense relationships and how others perceive you, emotional out burts and power struggles are possible 

Leo~ adventure, gaining perspective, communication, needing an adventure because of oppression

Virgo~ intense emotions, enhanced intuition, internal world, emotional overwhelm

Libra~ relationships, home, and family, focus on other people’s needs, release pent up emotions, communicate your feelings before an emotional outburst 

Scorpio~ introspective, health, daily routines, relationships with co-workers, finances 

Sagittarius~ experiencing joy, passion, excitement, and romance, difficulties with finances

Capricorn~ family, emotional family outbursts, spiritual practice, go within  

Aquarius~ communication, details, connections and networking with your friends

Pisces~ money, creating resources, struggle / power struggle around money, career recognition

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