Hello Crystal Lovers & Friends,

As you may know, new moons represent the beginning of a new cycle.
​This is the time to set some new intentions for yourself. Cancer is nurturing, sensitive, self-protective, security seeking, and playful. So, I’ll ask you, what new intentions are you setting for yourself in the above mentioned areas? Could you be more playful in your life? Do you feel secure? Are you so far into your shell that you’ve disconnected? ​

Take some time to tap into your heart space energy and allow your heart to lead the way. This cancer new Moon is opposite Capricorn. This means you could feel a pull to balance your heart vs. logic, your home vs. work, your creative energy vs. your logical side.

I highly encourage you to sit in silence, place your hands over you hear, and breathe into your heart space. Still your logical mind and allow your heart to be heard. Let your heart lead the way. Put your fear to the side, and dive deep into your “shell”. ​

New Moon in Cancer Crystal Recommendations
Mantra- I am safe to freely express myself

Aquamarine– Providing you with the courage to authentically express yourself and to listen to your heart.

Rose Quartz– Express self-love, self-nurturing, and self-compassion. Allowing you to feel and release emotions that you have been avoiding.

Smokey Quartz– A cleansing and protective stone. Helping you to feel safe coming out of your shell. Cleansing you of limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Smokey Quartz will help you to feel safe enough to authentically express yourself and to tap into your playful side.

Peach Moonstone– the stone of new beginnings! An intuitive, playful, and creative stone helping you to tap into your inner child.

Wishing you beautiful new beginnings,