Hello Crystal Family,

I’d first like to start off with that I feel your collective stress and angst….

Being here in Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps it feels almost like I am in a movie and ready for the scene to change, but it isn’t, the scene is actually getting worse, and for those that know me, they know that I do not like scary movies at all….

But, I am writing to you to be uplifting and positive right now….

The only Constant in LIFE is Changethis too shall pass…. This is a mantra I am using right now.

Also reminding yourself to stay present and to only focus on what you can control, Your thoughts, your actions and your feelings…. I know that sometimes we all have unsettling feelings arise, and that we cannot control, however, you can choose to not stay there. You can create space for your feelings, and then move from them.

Because of this I have some specific crystal recommendations for you this week about feelings, but I am also encouraging you to reread last week’s blog post with my crystal suggestions for health. (Link HERE)

Grounding Crystals will help remind you to stay in this moment and to connect with your environment, they promote feelings of calm and safety (Black Tourmaline Bloodstone and Smokey Quartz)

Calming Crystals will help to remind you to breathe, to take deeper breaths, which in turn calms the parasympathetic nervous system. (Blue Lace AgateSeleniteAngeliteAmethyst)

Creative Crystals will help you to cultivate feelings of playfulness, creativity, connection, and to bring about feelings of joy (Peach Moonstone Fire Agate and Carnelian)

In addition, since most of us are all quarantined it is very important to take care of our own mental, emotional, and physical health. This is why I am offering my Crystal healing kits and my Course in Crystals for 75% off. (Use code: ALONETOGETHER at checkout.) You will get your crystals and my virtual course together to learn how to use the crystals with confidence. This is a time where we can practice all of the lessons we have been acquiring.

I am also planning on going live EVERY Friday at 1pm PST in my group (starting 3/20) offering connection, conversation, meditations, crystal suggestions, and much more!
I’d love to hear from you. What would you like to see me do in my facegroup? What do you need support with right now?

Our immune system is negatively impacted by stress
One of my deepest core beliefs is that play and joy are essential for healing

Journal prompt~​
​How can you cultivate more play and joy in your life?
What can you do to raise your vibration?

My suggestions for utilizing this isolating time for your highest and best ~

1- meditate / pray
2- cook a new recipe
3- stay connected and call / facetime rather than text your friends and family
4- try a new exercise (jumping on my kid’s trampoline was my choice today)
5- watch a funny movie
6- journal your feelings, possibly…..start writing a book
7- play a game with you children, spouse, or virtually with a friend
8- visualize, even make a vision board
9- Practice breathing exercises
10- maintain a daily routine which includes showering and tidying up your space…. A Clean and organized outside creates a still and calm inside.

Lastly, I am still now more than ever offering my healing services. We can facetime and I will then provide you with a distant crystal / reiki healing session with the delp from my mom. I will also make a crystal grid for you which I will cleanse and activate daily. Lastly, I will send you a personalized Holitistic RX Script which will include:

~ Mantra

~ journal prompt

~ crystal recommendations

~ essential oil recommendation

~ personalized card pull

Sending you so much love!