Hello Wonderful Crystal Angels and Friends,

Super Full Moon in Virgo Monday March 9th and the end of Mercury Retrograde……

This Virgo Full Moon is perfect for coming out of the Retrograde energy….

It’s time to take action and implement some of your new plans. I am positive that during this Mercury retrograde energy you have had some profound realizations and you are ready to release…

`overcoming fear


`trusting ourselves

`uncovering our truths

Virgo energy is great for organization, communication (it’s ruled by mercury), responsibility…

Crystal Recommendations for the Full Moon in Virgo

~ Clear Quartz– Helping you to harness energy towards your goal and will amplify your intentions. Clear quartz will help you to get clear about your intentions

~Tiger’s Eye~ Awakens your Solar Plexus Chakra, Helps You to step into your power. Boosts self-confidence, and keeps the energy flow of your intention flowing.It will help you to trust yourself and move forward with your decisions.

Blue Sapphire~ A truth finding stone. It will help you to sift through everything that came up for you during the mercury retrograde and decide what thoughts / new realizations are true. It will activate your intuition and awaken your inner truth / your knowing

What you can do to make the most out of this Full Moon Energy~

Grab some Crystals that you feel need to be cleansed and charged up. I say some because if you like me you have too many to set them all outside, and yes, a window seal is just fine, I know that the weather does not always permit, what’s important is that they receive some of the direct Moonlight, which is really just a reflection of the Sun.

Write down what you are ready to release, what habits are no longer serving you? What habits are holding you back? Then burn your releases, give it to the Universe to burn away.

Play / Sing a Mantra~ for releasing and letting go of attachments

Declutter, organize, and clean, this will help you think more clearly, focus, and feel more at ease in your environment… This could be as simple as going through your desk and throwing out papers, to completely clean out your closet, start small and see how you feel. It can be quite addictive.

Meditate and wear the above mentioned crystals with intention.

Crystal Blessings,