Crystals for Gratitude


Let’s talk a bit about the trendy over-used gratitude for a moment to dive deeper, into the feels of the word…

What does it mean to feel grateful for something or someone?

It means to give thanks and to feel appreciation. The problem that I see, is that we have come to expect so much, that we take simple things for granted. I have caught myself in this process to many times to count.  Even with the big things, like having a dear friend to talk too… It isn’t until it’s gone that we truly full feel the loss and appreciate what it brought to our lives. Therefore, I am encouraging myself, and inviting you to take this embark upon this journey of bringing more conscious awareness to the things we are grateful for.

Let’s talk about how to cultivate an attitude of Gratitude when you are going through a hard time because this is when you need it the most, but when it’s the hardest… I want to be clear that you can still be feeling emotions of loss, grief, and frustration just to name a few less desirable emotions, but you don’t have to stay in those emotions, you can carve out some time to feel other emotions, like gratitude and appreciation. A painful example, our community has lost a member just this week in horrific circumstances… How can we be grieving so deeply, and tap into gratitude, especially without feeling guilty? Well, for one, I know this person would want us to still feel gratitude for our friendship while also grieving the loss… What I am saying is that you can feel gratitude and grief simultaneously. 

Crystals for Gratitude

Rose Quartz ~ Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals for gratitude.  It opens your heart center to feelings of love, appreciation, and compassion for yourself.  Rose Quartz encourages you to take the time to nurture yourself every day, for your body for supporting your life and your soul’s journey. Manifest gratitude by giving yourself unconditional love.

Pink Opal ~ This very soft gentle stone invokes deep feels of pure gratitude for every breath that I am able to fill my lungs with, for the simple pure things in life, the ability to feel love and loss because, without love, there would be no loss.  

KunziteKunzite feels so playful and fun. Carving out time to laugh and play will surely make life more enjoyable and raise your energy, helping you to feel more joy and appreciation for your life. The motivation to live your best life.  When tapping into the energy of crystals for gratitude, remember to have fun.  Don’t take life so seriously!

Manifesting Gratitude Mantra

Mantra~ Breathing in peace Breathing out peace.

So hum~ I AM, repeat So on the inhale, and Hum on the exhale

Manifesting Gratitude: Affirmation

I am grateful for all my joyful and painful experiences because they have helped me to evolve. I am grateful for every breath I take. Life supports me. 

Manifesting Gratitude: Journal Work

Create a list every day of what you are grateful for, items, people, experiences, feelings…. The challenge, no repeating, dig deep. 

Gratitude,  Appreciation, and joy are emotions that flow from the Heart.

These emotions are the vibration /chi/pulse of life force energy flowing through our bodies. This is why you can’t attract more into your life until you can truly tap into the emotions of gratitude. It literally shifts your energy for lack mentally, from depression to creation, love, and excitement. 

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