Crystals for 2020

Crystal Recommendations for the New Decade

All of a sudden it’s a new year and a new decade.  This energy is about setting new intentions, writing our goals down and vision boards for the new year. I want to offer some tools to help you get started on the right foot with crystals for 2020.

2020 Crystal Energy Calendar

If you want to get your energetic ducks in a row, the 2020 Energy Calendar is a fantastic supplement to your daily and monthly energy work.  The Crystal Energy Calendar gives you suggestions for which crystal energy is optimal for each month of the year as well as Full Moons, New Moons, Solstices and Eclipses so you can plan your intention-setting ceremonies in advance.

With your 2020 Energy Calendar and a set of Chakra Crystals, you’ll also be prepared for the New Moons and Full moons with the tools you need to take advantage of the Moon energy every single month. This takes all the guesswork with working with crystals for 2020!

crystals for 2020 laura weigel 2020 calendar

As an added bonus, each month you get exclusive discounts only available with the crystals for 2020 Energy Calendar.  For example, January’s discount is 50% off ANY piece of crystal healing jewelry!

Chakra Crystal Healing Set

The Chakra Crystal Healing Set is an amazing foundation for a successful crystal healing journey.

You’ll have all the crystals for 2020 you’ll need to align your chakras, make crystal moon water, meditate with and more.  This set includes 8 crystals plus an information card and a storage pouch to protect your crystals.

crystals for 2020 healing chakra set laura weigel will2wow jewelry

For more information on the Chakra System and how to use crystal healing to balance and activate your chakra system, I’ve created a Chakra resource that goes more in depth here >  The Chakra System 

Crystal Healing Journal

Finally,  I recommend my Crystal Healing Journal.  This was created by my own journey with Crystal Healing.  I kept forgetting which crystals I used, which ones I meditated with and which crystals brought me the most results.

You can either get the digital version to print yourself or the print version from Amazon.

This is a 80+ page journal to help document your journey with crystals and crystal healing.  

The crystal journal includes:

  • Pages to document how different crystals affected each chakra
  • Dowsing & pendulums
  • Crystals and dreams
  • Crystal grids
  • New Moon manifesting
  • Full Moon releasing
  • Crystal Elixers
  • Crystal Healing

This journal will help you organize and remember which crystals you’ve meditated with, used in elixirs, aligning your chakras and more. The journal paired with the crystals for 2020 Energy Calendar go hand in hand.

the crystal journal laura weigel crystal healing jewelry

Crystals for 2020

Auralite 23 – Auralite 23 is an amethyst-based healing crystal that consists of 23 other minerals making it a powerful crystal for healing and energy work.  This is a remarkable master healing crystal to use to awaken & activate your crown chakra.  Auralite 23 will deepen your connection with Spirit and strengthen your meditation.

Peach Moonstone – Peach Moonstone is the crystal of new beginnings.  It is associated with your Sacral Chakra.  The Sacral Chakra is your center of creation, joy, play and pleasure.  Peach Moonstone is the perfect crystal to use when creating the life of your dreams.

Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz is a heart chakra crystal that promotes and attracts love in all forms.  It is known to amplify creativity and imagination.  Use Rose Quartz to keep your heart centered and welcome loving energy in all forms.  I can’t emphasize enough how important self-love is for healing and how it truly awakens our heart for true love and compassion for others.  It’s a daily journey, not a destination, just like meditation.

Crystal Healing Bracelet Recommendation for 2020

Rose Quartz & Moonstone

crystals for 2020 moonstone and rose quartz healing bracelet

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