Crystals Recommendations for the Full Moon in Gemini


Last Full Moon for 2019

12/12 @ 12:12 AM

With this Full Moon, we have the Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius. This favorable combination has us seeking freedom, learning, traveling, and being more visible.

Full Moons are about illuminating matters which often open doors for a personal breakthrough.

Full Moons, in general, are about relationships and attachments, the culmination of energies, and it’s a time of letting go and releasing. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and the Gemini Full Moon intensifies our need to communicate on a deeper level.

Crystal Recommendations for the Full Moon in Gemini

Clear Quartz ~ For clarity and amplifying your intentions.
Enhances clear thinking

Turquoise ~ Turquoise is a Master Healing Gemstone that enhances communication. The birthstone for December

Sunstone ~ A playful & fun crystal that combats seasonal depression while enhancing communications

Fluorite ~ Enhances mental clarity and decision making

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We are now fully out of Mercury Retrograde so now is a great time to have those deep transformative conversations that you may have put on hold.

Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are in positions advantageous to focus on all aspects of relationships. The energy will be about fully understanding numerous relationships in your life as well as having the discernment when it comes to which relationships to focus on strengthening and which relationships to let go of and release.

Because of this energetic spotlight, you may be feeling confused about some of your relationships. This focus isn’t limited to romantic relationships. You will find yourself taking a deeper look into business relationships, co-workers, friends, and family relationships.

The good news is that this Full Moon in Gemini should bring you some much-needed clarity.

A positive aspect of the Full Moon in Gemini is that you will suddenly remember people that you want to reconnect with, have the urge to spend more time with people that you haven’t been as close to lately (but you want to be closer) and you will feel a deeper appreciation for those that you already care about.

Terrence Guardino takes a deeper look at this and more on his YouTube channel.

Key Words for the Full Moon in Gemini

  • Social
    Mental stimulation

Full Moon in Gemini Journal Prompts

This is a great time to reflect on your thoughts and how you process information. It is time to pay more attention to your thoughts.

Where are you possibly disconnected from reality and disillusioned, looking through your lens of reality?
After reading and contemplating how this new moon energy will specifically be affecting your sun sign, write what you are ready to release.

How do you communicate? Do you hold back, are you overly aggressive, do you think before you speak? This is a great time to give your communication style a total overhaul.

Mantra~ I am not my thoughts.

Full Moon in Gemini for the Sun Signs

Aries~ Relationships with specifically your siblings. Communication, possibly deception, escape and disconnect from day to day life and routine, letting go of oppression around work.

Taurus~ Finances and income. Higher education and learning new information.

Gemini~ Fear of taking action, fear of truly being seen. A sensitive, vulnerable and emotional time for you. 

Cancer~ Release subconscious addictions, habits, illnesses, and fears. Release victimhood and step into your power. Time for Soul searching.

Leo~ Friendships, social activities. Release stagnant energy around work, this is a great time to let your creative light shine and release any fears you might have about what others think of you.

Virgo~ Recognition in the area of work, you might not see the full picture. Romance and play, release dead relationships to invite in new. Transform your business. Travel, adventure and fun. Release the fear of stepping into your power and setting boundaries. Finding balance with career and time for play and children.

Libra~ Travel, education, adventure, publishing, marketing, and teaching. Feeling separated from family. 

Scorpio~ Financial obligations, it is a good time for deep transformation. Focus on your close relationships, especially with your family.

Sagittarius~ business relationships and close relationships. Testing your relationships and making decisions about business relationships.

Capricorn~ Letting go of anything that isn’t true to you. Bringing in a new relationship, letting go, new positivity, joy, play, and fun. Getting the job done so you have more time to play.

Aquarius~ Letting go of certain aspects of your life that are no longing serving you. Finding a balance between Seclusion/isolation, deep inner work and ( play) Children, romance, sports, and vacations. Taking the time to nurture your inner child.

Pisces~ focus is on your home and family, possibly you have been deceived by family members, you’ve been purging friendships, now it’s time to form new friendships, and to take a deeper look at your relationships. Which relationships are truly supporting you and want the best for you? 

To read a more in-depth astrological report from a dear friend and trusted astrologer click here:

Full Moon ???? ritual 

-Write your releases and burn them, this is an act of trust


-Mantra~ Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha / remover of obstacles

-Make some Moon water, set some water out in the moonlight and some clear quartz or other quartz-based crystal to amplify the energies of the water. Drink of the next few days to take the energy internally, you can also add it to spray bottle to spritz around your home

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