Connecting with the Moon Cycles

Following the moon cycles have really helped me to get in touch with my inner world and to know when it is a time to think about manifesting and when it is a good time for releasing.

I mainly work with the Full and New Moon Cycles. We actually just had a New Moon on Jan. 17th and our next full moon will be Jan. 31st.
In short, the New Moon is a time to manifest and the Full moon is a time to release.

Let’s dive in a deeper and look at how you can start a full and New Moon Ceremony:

New Moon~
This is a time to really go within and look at your heart’s desire.This is a time for intention setting. However, you need to do more than just set an intention. I personally really like rituals because our energy flows where our attention goes.

Make this ritual unique to you, but I am offering a few suggestions.

1: Set your space and pick a quiet time.  By set your space, I mean light a candle, use essential oils, incense, music, and journal. Whatever is aesthetically and aromatically pleasing to you. I also like to bring in water. I place a Quartz based crystal in the water and drink it the next morning. This way you are also awakening all of your senses.

2: Set your intention and then sit in mediation. You can focus on a mantra, listen to a guided meditation, or do some breath work.

3: Write your intentions down. I would keep it to know more than 3. Then write out some action steps that you can do right now to help make your heart’s desire a reality.

4: Lastly, to end your practice. Fold up your intentions and if you have a crystal, preferably a clear Quartz, set your intentions under the Quartz. The Clear quartz will help to amplify your intentions.

Full moon~ 

This is a time for releasing what is not serving your highest and best. Shine the light on what is holding you back.

1 & 2~ This ceremony is the same as above except your intention will be to release that which is no longer serving you. I like to use Smokey Quartz rather than Clear Quartz for my release ceremonies. Smokey Quartz helps to draw out unwanted and stuck emotions. Smokey Quartz is also safe to use in your water.

3~ Next, write down what you need to release after your meditation. What came up during your mediation? What is not supporting your growth and / or getting in the way of you meeting your New Moon Intentions? This may be negative habits, people, or situations no longer serving your highest good.

4~ After you have written your releases down, instead of folding them up and keeping them, you will burn them. This step sends your desires out to the Universe and it signifies trust. Trusting in the Universal flow of energy and that life supports you.

5~ Lastly, the Full Moon is an excellent time to set your Crystals out for a gentle cleanse. The Full Moon reflects the sun and thus gives your crystals an energy boost while also cleansing them without the harmful effects of the Sun bleaching them out. A window seal receiving the direct Moonlight will also work just fine!

I truly help my mini crash course in Full and New Moon Rituals offers clarifications and help to empower you to start your ritual practice following the Moon cycles.

Holistic RX for the Moon Cylces


Clear Quartz~ Amplify your intentions (New Moon)

Smokey Quartz~ Dispel unwanted energy and to draw emotions that are not serving your highest good

Rose quartz~ To get you in touch with your heart’s deepest desires

Moonstone~ To open your intuition and get you in touch with the Moon’s rhythms and energy

Selenite~ to open your Crown Chakra to Universal wisdom and to cleanse your auric field

Labradorite~ To bring in the energy of magic and to bring any subconscious issues needing to be resolved to the surface

Carnelian~ This stone activates your Sacral Chakra (Creation Center) It help you to put energy towards manifesting your heart’s desires.

Essential Oils:

Clary Sage~ Activates the Sacral Chakra for creation

Rose Oil~ Opens the heart for Receiving, and realizing your heart’s desires

Frankincense~ Stimulates the Crown Chakra for deeper awareness

Life supports me and draws to me what I focus on. I release what is no longer serving my highest good.

Yoga Poses :
Upward Salute side Bend / Half Moon
Goddess Squat
Low Crescent Lunge
Pyramid pose and ending in Savasana ( my favorite parts from the Moon Salutation)

Full moon – write what you are releasing
New moon – write your manifestations

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