Full Moon in Aquarius

August 15, 2019

Let Love Flow

Full Moon in Aquarius Thursday, August 15th 2019

In general, Full Moon energy is about illuminating areas in your life that are no longer serving you. This specific Full Moon is opposite Venus which focuses the energy on your love life. This is a time to release dysfunctions within your relationships and dissolve relationships that are no longer serving you. This is also a great time to look at your patterns within your relationships.

What behaviors can you let go of that in turn will enhance and bring more harmony to your relationships?

Two Big themes for this full moon:

Tapping into Aquarian Curiosity and Releasing Control

Crystal Recommendations:

Smokey Quartz Releases dysfunctional relationships and patterns, particularly those that no longer serve your highest self.

Rose Quartz It all starts with self-love, Rose Quartz is the stone of self-love. You teach others how to treat you…. Releases repressed emotions, amplifies creativity and imagination while encouraging self love.

Lapis Lazuli ~Sparks & activates your imagination, activates your intuition & encourages a playful curiousness.

Release control, open yourself up to being emotionally vulnerable, let go of your perceived survival patterns. Some resistance to feeling pleasure may come up. True love is about releasing control, you can’t manipulate love from another person by trying to control who you are, the energies during this full moon are challenging you to be your authentic self. This is the time for inspired actions and to let love flow freely without control.

This is a time to listen and trust your intuition, give it a try, track it, walk out into the unknown and trust.

Release Past relationship traumas, let it go, and let true love flow. This is part of the rebirth into your authentic self that the Aquarium Age is all about.

Journal Prompt:

How do I try to control and manipulate situations? This is an on-going question to ask yourself before acting.


Make the decision about what you are ready to release with the full moon. What are you no longer going to allow to hold you back?

~ Set the mood of your space by lighting candles or incense, smudging, or diffuse your favorite essential oils… If you are using essential oils, I recommend lavender and frankincense for the calming energy.

~ Collect your crystals.  In addition to  Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz & Lapis Lazuli, you may want to add Moonstone (for it’s calming energy of new beginnings) and Clear Quartz to amplify your intentions.

~ Play music /  mantra of your choice – For this Full Moon, I recommend the Ganapati Om releasing chant.

~ In your journal or on notebook paper, write out what you are releasing, what is no longer serving you and release the energies that are blocking you path to growth.

~ Burn your release.  Take the paper you wrote your releases down on and burn it in a safe place, preferably outdoors.  This is an act of trust.  You are returning these things back to the Universe. 

~ Make a full moon crystal elixir with Smokey Quartz.

~ Close your ceremony with gratitude

Your Full Moon releasing ceremony is best done outdoors, within 3 days of the actual Full Moon – even better if you are able to complete your ceremony under the Full Moon itself!  Choose crystals to leave outside for a Full Moon energy bath.


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