Tapping into Intuition

Tapping into” and connecting to your intuition has become quite a popular topic lately. What exactly is intuition and how can you make a stronger connection to your Intuition?  When are you listening to your thoughts and mind instead of your intuition? I mean they all seem to come from the same place, or do they? I will give you my take and some crystal recommendations.

Intuition is seeing and hearing the soul. The best way to tap into your intuition is to firstly, quiet your mind with a daily meditation practice! Focus on your third eye when meditating and breathe naturally.

There have been so many times that I have “known” something and wished I listened to my intuition. Has this happened to you before? I specifically ‘knowing’ that my father in-law should not come for a visit during Christmas several years ago, but because I didn’t want a fight with my husband, I let this feeling I had go…. While my father in-law was here visiting he dropped a blood pressure pill that my almost 11 month old son ingested right before his nap. This pill caused my son to become nauseous.  He tried to vomit but he was too weak. Long story short, my son is now disabled because of this incident and I so wish I would have listened and acted on my intuition!

Now, please don’t let this story scare you! My intuition also told me to move away from Indiana as soon as I graduated from college which has provided me with so many opportunities for growth! After my son’s devastating accident, I shut my intuition off.  It has taken me years to realize that it was trying to help me and it is a gift! I have since re-opened my intuition and life has been so much better. My intuition led me to The Yoga Goddess Academy which has been life changing for me!

Intuition Definition:

The definition of intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Intuition is something one knows or considers, likely from instinctive feeling rather from conscience reasoning.

I really like the above meanings. I was getting ready to write my own definition ( which I will ) when I felt an urge to look the actual meaning.

Below is how I describe intuition to my clients: 

You know you are getting an intuitive hit when it is your first thought or feeling that arises, It is that thought of feeling you get before the inner dialogue and self-questioning starts. Your intuition will always feel loving, like it has your best interest at heart. This does take some practice and below I will list some additional tools you can use to enhance your intuition. Think of it as a muscle that needs to exercised.

Holistic RX Remedy for Intuition

Holisitc RX Remedy for Intuition:

Crystals~ Ioloite, Sodalite, Sapphire

Essential Oils~ Frankincense

Breathing~ Alternate Nostril Breathing

Meditation~ Sitting quietly and focusing on the 3rd eye while chanting Aum

Journal~ Write down any visions or intuitive hits you get during your meditation

Yoga Poses~ Child’s Pose, Eagle Pose, Warrior 3

Affirmation~ I am open to hearing and seeing my inner guidance. I trust my inner guidance.


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