Setting Intentions for the New Year

Intentions are the energy behind our actions. It is what drives us! Intention is the creative power that allows our actions to manifest.

Intentions are what motivates us.  Sometimes we are in denial of our own true intentions, or we are just completely unaware of them. We (I’ve been guilty too) of living life aimlessly without tapping into my true intentions. It is truly beneficial to sit in reflection asking yourself what your true intentions are, and to set your intentions if you have not.

Intentions are not our wishes, but the driving force behind our actions. Once you have a list of your intentions, care for your intentions as you would a precious seed just starting out.

The sages of India observed thousands of years ago that our destiny is ultimately shaped by our deepest intentions and desires. The classic Vedic text known as the Upanishads declares, “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

With the New Year right around the corner, what better time to get real with ourselves and discover our true / deepest intentions, and even better, to take a more active role in our lives.

After some reflection, I encourage you set your intentions. Let’s start this New Year off right and cultivate intentions for our highest and best!

Intentions are different than goals. When setting a goal, we have a specific outcome in mind. Intentions are deeper than that. Setting intentions focuses on the “why”. It is the seed from which everything grows. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, you’ll have much more success in reaching it if you know your intention behind it. Is the intention to look better? To feel better? To be healthier? To fit into your old jeans?

By starting with your true intentions, you’ll have much greater success reaching your goals!

2 Steps to Setting Intentions

1: The first step to realize what your true intentions are. What has been driving you? The best way to answer this question is to quiet your mind and reflect. You want to quiet your mind so that the answers you seek aren’t coming from mind chatter / ego, but from spirit/ source. I recommend to do this by meditating. Meditating helps you tune in to your true nature, connect with the Universe and have more clarity about your intentions.

2. Once you’re established in a state mental awareness, release your intentions and desires. I suggest you do this by writing your heart’s desires / intentions down.This best time to plant the seeds of your intentions, while your awareness remains centered in the quiet field of all possibilities. After you set an intention, let it go, give it to the Universe and Trust.

Holistic RX Remedy for Setting Intentions

Fluorite ~ Helps with decision making and focus and honing in on what your true intentions are)

Celestite ~ Amazing for communication – especially for communicating with Spirit or the Universe. It opens our throat chakra for us to hear what the Universe has to say.

Clear Quartz ~ Amplifies all the energies surrounding us. It will help amplify your intentions and your clarity around what your true intentions are.

Essential Oils: Passion Blend, Frankincense

Mantra: (fill in the blank) I intend ______

Journal Prompt: List what drives you and what you truly intend for your life

Meditation: Sit in reflection focusing on your breath, chant OM


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