Every time we say no to a gift, we stop the abundant flow of the Universe.

When I first thought of receiving, I of course thought of gifts and how lovely it is to receive gifts. Which of course, who doesn’t LOVE to receive something you have really wanted…… but then my mind went to the guilt I often feel when I receive a gift and how that emotion alone can block the energy flow of the Universe.

I have even found myself feeling guilty when I ask to receive blessings from the Universe.

Have you ever felt that way before too? It is so much easier for us to give than to receive.

Today I invite you to open your heart to the abundance in the Universe! You are loved and have every right to receive the abundant energy offered!

Today I encourage you to sit in silence with the intent to receive healing energy for your highest and best! Just allow this energy to enter through the crown of your head with no expectations. If you feel led to continue this mediation, then awesome!

Journal after each session and start to become aware of how you are feeling.

Receiving healing energy requires us to open our hearts. For this reason, I suggest heart chakra crystals such as: Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, and Pink Opal to name a few.

Rhodochrosite soothes the heart, comforts the soul and enhances inner peace.

Rose Quartz opens your heart center, amplifies self love, peace and gratitude.

Pink Opal attracts joy and love into your life and releases old patterns that are no longer serving you.


Crystals: Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz & Pink Opal
Essential Oils: Rose Oil, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile
Yoga Poses: Camel Pose, Low Lunge, Reclined Cobbler’s Pose
Mantra: I am worthy of receiving
Meditation: Sit with your hand in the receiving Mudras and open yourself up to receive the healing energies from Source energy. Breathe in the Golden healing light.
Journal Prompt: Write any insights after your meditation. You may get insights on blocks, areas you have received, etc.