Hey guys, I l know that Valentine’s Day is officially over, but it’s still the month of Love and the theme of Self-love is still in the air! Frankly, we need to be making time for ourselves everyday!


It’s almost crazy for me to be teaching self-love because it isn’t something that comes natural to me. I sometimes forget to eat, I will work until I have strained my neck, I will get stressed out and keep working instead of taking a much needed break to breath, do some yoga or meditate. I guess that saying, “You teach what you need the most,” rings true for me! I know that when I do take the time for myself, I feel so much better and I work more productive, and I am a much better mother! I belive us women, are conditioned to out ourselves on the back burner and we need to collectively shift this energy! We will be better mothers, wives, and workers if we take better care of ourselves!


I realized the other day as I was rushing through the daily activity of brushing my teeth, that by just slowing down and being completely present to activity of brushing my teeth and mindful of doing it correctly was an act of self-love! Just sending myself loving thoughts will shift my energy!


If you want to read further evidence of the importance of self then click on the  link to an article by the Huffington Post with Science based evidence on why self-love is good for your health and will improve your life! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/30/love-yourself-science-study_n_5900878.html


My personal favorite stone to use to inspire self-love is Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is the stone of infinite love, peace, forgiveness, and empathy!


To fully receive The benefits of Rose Quartz you can wear some, Put some on your night stand, or do like I do and actually sleep with a piece, carry a piece in your pocket, or in your bra ;). Rose Quartz is safe to put in water and I encourage your put some in your bath and even you glass of water. The crystal will infuse your water the energy of the stone!

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Please join me for a fun 7 day Self-Love Challenge which will include a daily activity, affirmation, and journal exercise!

The winner of this challenge with receive a gorgeous Rose Quartz bracelet!

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