New Moon in Scorpio

October 28, 2019


There are three archetypes of Scorpio:
Agent of transformation, revengeful and the seer of truth (wisdom)

Which Scorpio energy do you intend to channel for this New Moon in Scorpio?  You are in control of how you harness this energy (or don’t, it’s up to you).  Scorpio is an emotionally intense and sensitive water sign.  The effect of the New Moon can be powerful.  It’s up to you how you allow the energy to flow through you.

Scorpio rules the 8th house and affects your life & death, sex, and money.

Go within to see new aspects of your power, new understanding of your shadows, and to understand how emotions have been guiding you behind the scenes.

New Moon in Scorpio Crystal Recommendations:

Peach Moonstone ~ Stone of New beginnings, transformational, creative, and calming, encourages you sit with your feelings before reacting.

Red Jasper ~ Courageous and passionate, helping you to feel safe and bust through your emotional blocks and to use your energies / temper for the positive

Sodalite ~ Wisdom, tapping into your intuition, insightful, tapping into the truth

crystal healing new moon crystals for the new moon in scorpio - peach moonstone, red jasper and sodalite

This New Moon in Scorpio is your opportunity to create a new emotional beginning for you react before thinking.  Although this can be a volatile time tempting to react instead of respond, this can be a positive energy if you can remind yourself to take a deep breath and sit with situations before reacting.

Some key words and themes happening during this New Moon in Scorpio:

  • Intense
  • Emotional
  • Passionate
  • Intimacy
  • Intentions
  • Co-dependence
  • Power
  • Empathy

How to Use Crystals for the New Moon in Scorpio 

  1. Meditate and sleep with Sodalite to receive insights and messages from spirit. Also journaling right after mediation and right when you wake up. Sometimes the messages won’t make sense right away and it is nice to have a record of any new insights you receive to go back and revisit. Also, we tend to forget our dreams and inspirational messages so it’s great to write them down right away.
  2. Make a vision board. The Manifesting new Moon is the perfect time to create a vision board. I like to make one for each New moon with a specific theme to mine. I encourage you to read below how this New Moon will specifically be affecting your Sun Sign to give you a more specific direction when creating your vision board. I like to wear Clear Quartz during this time for inspiration to magnify my intentions.
  3. Make a crystal grid using the above mentioned crystals and anything else that you are drawn to. I suggest a Clear Quartz Point in the middle of your crystal grid. Drawing in the energy if your intentions. Surrounding the clear Quartz with the Peach Moonstone for New beginnings, and the Sodalite for wisdom and new insights.

Journal Prompts for the New Moon in Scorpio

I suggest first meditating to to open you to deeper awareness before journaling.

Journaling tip…. Have all three crystals on or near by, their energies will assist while journaling. 

  • What triggers you? There are insights and lessons about yourself in these triggers.
  • How can you best handle frustrations and triggers? If you have a plan it will help you to break patterns and not have knee jerk reactions.
  • What new beginning do you feel passionate about creating for your life? Make a step by step plan, this will help make your goal feel more attainable and gie you some daily action steps to take.

How the New Moon in Scorpio Affects Each Sign

  • Aries~ loss, death, ending
  • Taurus~ relationships, contracts, power struggles
  • Gemini~ job. Health,
  • Cancer~ Romance, children, investments
  • Leo~ Home, Family,
  • Virgo~ Lesson, learning,
  • Libra~ possessions, cash flow
  • Scorpio~ big surprise to change your course
  • Sagittarius~ Healing and should searching
  • Capricorn~ Friends
  • Aquarius~ career
  • Pisces~ Long distance traveling, surprises

For more information on how the New Moon in Scorpio affects each sign, watch this video:

Numerology for the New Moon in Scorpio

The energy of 4 will be very strong or the New Moon. Number 4 is the number of work and family, creating security for you family.

4 energy is calming, peaceful, and grounding.  It’s about a soul level commitment.

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