J-Ma’s Moon Influences




2:58am {pacific time}

Leo by Simon Vorster

★ALL New Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after★

The Moon is New in Leo at 18°, in the sign of the Leo, on Saturday, August 11h, at 2:58am {pst}
New Moons are a time of starting over, new beginnings, taking action steps towards your dreams and goals, creating and renewal!



This is the last of our Eclipses this Season until 2019! A Solar Eclipse is a time where the moon blocks the light of the sun for a period of time. During this time our solar energy is blocked. Habits and personality traits have the opportunity to be wiped clean. A fresh start is possible in a bigger way as the Solar Eclipse adds extra power to the New Moon’s energy. This is A COSMIC RESET and your chance to WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN. This is your Solar Detoxification!

This New Moon is connected to the Sun in Leo. Anytime there is a New Moon it is directly connected {Conjunct} to the Sun.  Leo is about Creativity, Expression, Generosity, Abundance, Strength, Shining Your LIght, Love, Fun, and Flamboyance. It can also bring about Bossiness, Over Concern with being “liked”, Dramatics, Ego, Pride, Intolerance, and Overindulgence.

Are you letting your Light Shine by expressing everything that is in your Heart? 

Do you allow Good Fortune to come to you without Pushing it?

Did you know that your authentic Expression serves everyone around you?

This New Moon Eclipse starts to ease up some of the Intensity you have been experiencing. The energy is still BIG and possibly Dramatic with the Moon in Leo but your attitude becomes more optimistic and upbeat. Relationships begin to find resolution from hardships and more Compromise and Gentleness is present with Venus {planet of love and appreciation} having moved into it’s home sign of Libra.

With Venus Square Saturn but Trine Mars relationship struggles are brought to the forefront to be resolved. Personal fears can surface in relationships and Money could feel tight. Loneliness or depression is felt whether it is truth or not and a need to be around others and feel loved and needed is important.

Anything that you value is going to require hard work. Lingering relationship tensions ease up if you face your fears and are willing to see where your limitations are. Care for your significant other and balance can be restored. Create something beautiful in your life, literally and energetically. Beautify your home, your wardrobe, your appearance, your relationship.

The Moon and Sun Conjunct Mercury allows you to find more Love for what you are learning and an easier expression of self. Moods are still Fickle and changeable and can shift at a moment’s notice if you give in to reactiveness. Communication is favored and You are up front in your communication and many struggles start to find some resolve. Strong bonds with others {especially females} are felt and developed easily now. Expression through writing and speaking is favored and so is your Creativity. You are starting to feel more Sociable. You are Mentally busy and an active mind is likely. This New Moon is a time to Celebrate all that you have accomplished and overcome thus far. You have been learning and growing and now you can be proud of what you have learned and how far you have come.

The Moon, Mercury, and Sun are all Square Jupiter and there’s a feeling good vibe and you are more at ease. However, the desire to overdo or overindulge or overspend is definitely present. You are Confident, Proud, and Optimistic under this New Moon Eclipse. It’s in your best interest to practice Moderation. Good Fortune comes when you don’t push too hard or overdo it. Just let your creativity and confidence flow and let the opportunities come to you. Taking Big Risks right now is not the best idea because pushing the envelope can get you into trouble.

You’re feeling good about the future and you can broaden your perspective but you must break down your visions into details and pieces and move step by step. Take care towards an attitude that is pompous, cocky, or overly exaggerated. Walk your Talk! Over promising and under delivering will get you into sticky situations that you will regret. Intense needs can take over so control yourself and be patient. Leo enegy wants to go BIG but it’s better to Simplify to avoid burn out.

Ther is still a resistance to authority present and it’s important you can do things in your own way. With Uranus turning Retrograde this week and until January 2019 you are given the opportunity to really address what allows you to feel your independence and uniqueness. This is a time where you will begin to gain perspective on the changes you have resisted and to develop a deeper inner knowing of what it looks like for you, personally, to find liberation and your own inner genius.

Much Enlightenment can be found through Dreams, Visions and Meditation. Your mind opens the more you allow creativity to flow through you.

Changes begin to feel a bit easier. A way to implement changes in a structured way that allows for more freedom can be found. Finding new ways of doing old things can bring much Respect and Recognition. Find order amongst the chaos, Simplicity amongst Complexity, and Sweetness amongst Meanness. You are the star of your own Life. How can your role bring more light into your life and the lives of others?

“Creativity is the way I share my Soul with the World”



ARIES– Self-Expression, Self-Consciousness, Pride, Fun, Hobbies, Recognition, Limelight, Love, Romance, Creativity & Creative Projects, Sprts, Risk & Venture, and Children.

TAURUS– Home, Real Estate/Property, Your Family, Foundation, Where you hold things in, Past Conditioning, Emotions, Internal World, and Parents-particularly the Mother.

GEMINI– Learning, Teaching/Teachers, Thinking, Searches, Investigation, Inquiries, Gossip, Brothers/Sisters, Neighbors, Short Trips, Communication & Networking

CANCER–Values, Self-Worth/Self-Esteem, How we Own or Possess, Material Possessions & Money Earned

LEO– Self, Physical Body, Head, Your Mask/Facade, Persona and what Others See of us, Life Force, How you exert your Will, Personality & Identity

VIRGO– Dreams, Caring for the Disadvantaged and Less Fortunate, Connection to God, Spirituality and the Universe, Subconscious Mind, Hidden Faults, Behind the Scenes, Hospitals, Prisons & Karmic Debt

LIBRA– Community, Groups and Teams, Humanity and Humanitarianism, Social Circle, Friends, Hopes & Wishes, Putting your vision into Action, Identification with a Cause.

SCORPIO– Career, Life Direction, Your Role in Society, Highest Aspirations, Responsibility, Authority, Government, Judges, Police/Law Enforcement, Public Reputation, and Parents-particularly the Father

SAGITTARIUS– Higher Mind, Higher Education, Philosophy, Religion, Beliefs, Search for Truth and Meaning, Foreigners/Foreign Land, Expansion & Growth, Long Distance Travel, Visions for the Future, Law, and Wanderlust. 

CAPRICORN– Death & Rebirth, Transformation, Intensity, Intimacy and merging with another, Financial Union, Secrets, Inheritance, Attachments, Psychological Inquiry, What you need from others, Joint Finances & Sex

AQUARIUS–  Partnerships and Relationships, Marriage & Business Partnerships, Yoga, Unity, Harmony, Politics & Legal Contracts, Counseling, and Cooperation

PISCES– Health, Daily Habits & Routines, Service, Maintenance, Preservation, Taking care of the Body, Criticism, Craft, Purification, Work & Co-workers, Practice, Application, and Organization.


© Written by J-Ma, Yoga & Astrology ImPOWERment Coach & Naam Yoga Therapist