New Moon in Pisces

March 6

PLUS Mercury Retrograde

What this means and ceremony to make the most of the Cosmic Energies

On March 5th Mercury Retrograde In will be occurring in emotional Pisces.

Mercury in Pisces is a great time to explore our emotions and to reflect upon how we express them.

If you frequently have communication misunderstandings, now is the optimal time to dive deeper and get to the root of the problem.  What emotions are blocking you from expressing yourself clearly?  What does clear communication look like for you?

Time is the ideal time to reflect and go within… Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be a difficult time if you direct the energy in a positive way by sparking positive change in your life.  All change starts with how we feel.  By spending some time sitting with your emotions and how you feel about the change you’d like to see in your life, you are giving yourself time and space to process and accept these upcoming changes.  Without spending this time & energy, you are likely to meet a lot of resistance when this change occurs. 

By taking the time to reflect & feel the emotions of the upcoming changes, when it comes time, it will feel natural and easy and light.  

This might mean that it’s time for you to revisit the past so you can release what is no longer serving you.  By connecting emotionally with traumatic or difficult times in your past & the emotions you experienced during that time in your life, it is easier to let go from it & move towards your future.  As long as you are burying those feelings inside, they will continue to spread their roots and grow… and will manifest themselves in other areas of your life. 

Think of someone you know who, after experiencing trauma, grief or other major upsetting events in their life completely changed…  Maybe they became bitter or cynical.  They may have turned to drugs or alcohol or gambling excessively.  They may not even see that the traumatic life experience is related to them bottling up and covering up their emotions.

You are the same way – we all are!  Unless we are aware of it and honor our emotions, those negative emotions will find SOME kind of outlet.   What kind of emotional patterns do you see in your life?  What are the emotional cycles that you tend to have?  Take note of them.  Honor those emotions.  Then release the ones that are no longer serving you.

Crystal Recommendations for Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon In Pisces:

Labradorite – Bringing the subconscious to the conscious for transformation, shedding light on areas in our light that are no longer serving you. The stone of magic!  Highly protective.

Aquamarine – An excellent communication stone.  Aquamarine helps to give you courage to use your voice, to speak up and to have those hard conversations.

Rose Quartz – Helps you to be gentle with yourself and to communicate your feelings from your heart. Rose Quartz will help you become more in touch with your emotions, and calm the inner critic.

Moonstone – The stone of New beginnings. It’s connected to the moon cycles and it’s highly intuitive helping you connect with your intuition with your deeper side.

New Moon in March in Pisces 6th

Time to regenerate

Magical, imaginative, dreams and emotional

Setting your intentions

Time for new beginnings

New Moon Ceremony

I love ceremonies because energy flows where our attention goes!

~ Set the space (candle, incense, flowers, crystals) smudge your space

~ Play music /  mantra of your choice – I personally  like the Ganesh Mantra, it helps to remove obstacles making way for new beginnings. Om Gum Ganaptayei Namaha

~ Sit in meditation / contemplation

~ Write what you’d like to manifest in the above mentioned areas…ex., A new way to express your feelings.  Getting in better touch with your more emotional side.

~ Write your own personal mantra / affirmation for this new moon….

~ Close your ceremony with gratitude

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