Another New Moon is coming up! This Wednesday to be exact!

What does this mean for you? Well this new Moon will be in Taurus! Taurus is an earth sign and it’s a Bull! It is a feminine sign and The Bull represents fertility.

This is the perfect time to manifest your heart’s desire!

It’s not just thinking things into existence, but tapping into to the thoughts & feelings and we can do this by using our 3rd Eye to imagine it!

Write down what you would like to manifest for your life.

Meditate on those manifestations and notice the feelings that arise in you! Are you excited? scared? Don’t believe it could really happen?

Just notice your thoughts and feelings without judgement, but do take note because these are your obstacles.

Once you become more aware of our thoughts and emotions then it’s easier to recognize our own destructive patterns and simply without judgement replace destructive thoughts and feelings with empowering ones

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New Moon In Taurus
To read more in depth from an astrologer about this specific new Moon:

As always, I recommend setting some time aside for your New Moon ceremony!

There are three easy steps to your New Moon ceremony:

  1. Set the space
  2. Meditate
  3. Write manifestations

My favorite Sanskrit mantra for New Beginnings is: Om Ganapataye Namah~ Chanting to Ganesh helps to remove obstacles paving the way for new beginnings by removing blocks.

Chanting is one of my favorite ways to mediate because I keeps the mind occupied and helps to focus your energy on a specific intention.

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