New Moon in Leo & Solar Eclipse

July 31, 2019

Being Brave, Bold, and Courageous in LOVE

Leo is all about Heart Energy and going after what your heart wants. 

This is the time to plant seeds around your hearts desires.

Changing of energies, moving out of Cancer Season, Eclipses, and Mercury Retrograde

You will be seeing things in a new light and discover a new way of looking at things

Send out the frequency of LOVE because we get what we give…. If you want more love than give more love!

Creative, courageous, playful, leadership, and uniqueness are all positive Leo qualities.  

This Leo New Moon Energy is all about having the courage to allow your unique light to shine. Just make sure you are shining your light with authentic intentions rather than from the EGO, how it will make you look or what kind of recognition you may get. The shadow side of Leo is EGO / overconfidence, a grandiose view of our perceptions. Just be real with yourself and keep that in check during this New Moon.

This is a time for transformation, New Beginnings, Going within, Reflecting, Creative energy, and personal growth

The energies right are magnified with it also being a solar eclipse adding in extra darkness, the sun and the moon will both be going dark, this symbolically is a time to really dive deep….

Leo is about the heart,  courageous, healthy boundaries. Have the courage to look at your patterns. Take the leadership energy to plant those seeds of intentions. This moon is about giving but it’s a good time to look at how your are giving to yourself. Most be very honest during this New Moon, this isn’t a time for fantasies…

Heart, playful, bold, and courageous energy. Where can you invite more playful energy into your life? Leo is connected to the heart chakra, and it is good to give from your heart, but it can also leave you feeling depleted. This is why it’s so important to play, it will feed your soul and leave you feeling replenished. 

This is energy is all about having a Healthy self-esteem, not caring what others think, surrounding yourself around supportive and uplifting people that applaud your growth. 

Leo goes for what it wants, this energy is inviting you to be brave and to go for what your heart desires! What is your heart’s truest desire? Where does your mind go when you are alone? 

Leo energy reminds me of Brene Brown’s teachings on vulnerability, it actually takes a huge act of courage to be fully seen, by those who have earned the right of course.

Vulnerability is not winning or losing: its having the COURAGE to show up and be seen when we have no control over the OUTCOME. 

Fire is about taking action, This moon is about calling us out, What patterns are you repeating.

Bold, Courageous, Manifesting, and Brave….. Finally get clarity in your love life

Manifesting healthy boundaries

Journal Prompt~

What are your truest heart’s desires surrounding the theme of this New Moon? How do you give your energy? Where do you need to create healthy boundaries.

Crystal Recommendations:

Peach Moonstone~ Stone of New Beginnings and creating with selfless intentions from your heart. Connecting to the intuitive Moon Energy and your heart energy, creating with passion from your heart.  Peach Moonstone is a Fertility stone both literally and figuratively. What are you creating with your thoughts and feelings?

Carnelian~ Healthy self-esteem, mood boosting, and providing the energy to create your manifestations, Creating joy in your life. A bold and energetic stone that will help you make the most out of the fiery New Moon in Leo energy.

Amazonite~ Expressing your authentic self from your heart, clearing out stagnant energy in your heart chakra to allow for more clear and heart centered expression.  A chance to discover and awaken your heart’s desires. Having the courage to express you deepest feelings


So in your New Moon ritual, I’m going to suggest that you:

  1. Set the space, set your space. Whatever that means for you. For me, it means essential oils, being in front of my altar or outside, depending on the weather. It means playing music that touches my heart, that touches my spirit. It means being in a quiet place where you’re not going to be interrupted or distracted.
  2. Write down those intentions and get very clear with those intentions, because the Universe hears our intentions. We want to make sure our intentions aren’t coming from a place of fear, but a place of love.
  3. Grab those crystals.  Be in that energy. Set the time to really connect and meditate with them.
  4. My favorite part of the ritual is to burn the intention. Setting it out is very symbolic. It’s saying to the Universe: this is my intention, it’s done, it’s complete, it’s out to the Universe and now it’s going to be happening.




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