New Moon in Cancer & Solar Eclipse

July 2, 2019

Now is the time for NEW

Cancer is the energy of family, nurturing, emotional, love, sensitivity and intuition.

This is the time to break free of old routines and patterns.

Plant the seeds for New Beginnings, especially in the areas of Love, Family, and being visible…

In short, depending on how you chose to deal with these intense emotional energies, you will either tell everyone how much you love them, or tell everyone to FCK OFF.

Little humor there, but hopefully you chose to tap into all that this intense New Moon and Solar Eclipse has to Offer to next your growth to the next level.

The Solar eclipse intensifies this energy, it’s time to dive fully into the darkness and look at the things you’ve been avoiding, the things that bring up feelings of discomfort.

It’s time for a reset because the intentions you set at this time will last for the next 6 months 

We are in the darkness and it is time to reflect, solar eclipses have a 6 month reset so whatever seeds you plant at this time will grow.

Time to take an emotional risk… It’s time to fully be seen and express yourself, no more hiding!

Below are some questions to ask yourself and to contemplate, inspiration for a journal entry…

  1. Where can you fully be vulnerable and seen?
  2. Where do I need to hold myself accountable?
  3. Write what you would like to manifest in your life, especially in the area of your family and love?
  4. What Practical steps you can take to meet your goals / intentions?

Crystal Recommendations for the New Moon in Cancer & Solar Eclipse

Moonstone – Fresh starts and new beginnings

Aquamarine – Clear Communication and expression

Rose Quartz – Self-love and staying in your heart

Carnelian – Creation, Self-esteem, confidence, Bravery 

Moonstone is one of the Birthstones for the Cancer Zodiac sign. It is the stone of new beginnings which the New Moon is all about. It is a highly intuitive stone and the Peach Moonstone activates our Scaral Chakra, Our creative, emotional, and playful center. Peach Moonstone will help use to remain playful when manifesting and creating.

Aquamarine gives you the courage to authentically express yourself, it is a calming stone that carries a peaceful energy, helping you to remain calm while stepping into the unknown and fully putting yourself out there.

Rose Quartz will help to remind you to be gentle with yourself during this eclipse energy. To show yourself the same unconditional love and understanding you would a best friend or child. Rose Quartz will help keep you in your heart center as you feel and release emotions that you have long been avoiding.

Carnelian will help give you the confidence to stay open and to fully feel suppressed feelings as they bubble up. Being confident with who you authentically are. To create and to express your authentic self.




So in your New Moon ritual, I’m going to suggest that you:

  1. Set the space, set your space. Whatever that means for you. For me, it means essential oils, being in front of my altar or outside, depending on the weather. It means playing music that touches my heart, that touches my spirit. It means being in a quiet place where you’re not going to be interrupted or distracted.
  2. Write down those intentions and get very clear with those intentions, because the Universe hears our intentions. We want to make sure our intentions aren’t coming from a place of fear, but a place of love.
  3. Grab those crystals.  Be in that energy. Set the time to really connect and meditate with them.
  4. My favorite part of the ritual is to burn the intention. Setting it out is very symbolic. It’s saying to the Universe: this is my intention, it’s done, it’s complete, it’s out to the Universe and now it’s going to be happening.



This is a new one for them to try but one of my favorites!

Below is a Crystal Grid that I created for this New Moon / Solar Eclipse Energies.

This grid is all about manifesting, creating, new beginnings, and expressing your true authentic self

It’s about feeling the all the feels for healing and transformation. It about stepping out with confidence… This grid includes Clear Quartz as the center stone to amplify our intentions, Rose Quartz to feel the feelings and as a reminder to nurturer and care for yourself, Aquamarine for fulling expressing yourself, and Carnelian for Self-confidence and creating, Peach moonstone for New beginnings and fresh starts.

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