Full Moon in Pisces

This weekend, we will experience the Full Moon in Pisces.

This Full Moon will help you reflect on your innermost desires while giving you the courage to go for it!

While all Full Moons are about releasing old beliefs & patterns, this month is about hanging on tight to what really matters the most to you.  What are some of your BIG goals and dreams that you’ve been too afraid of failure to try to achieve?

Instead of pouring out your emotions in a journal this month, you might want to write a to-do list of all the projects you’ve been putting off or write a list of goals.  This Full Moon is about achievement and fulfillment.

Pisces is a water sign known for their vivid imaginations and lofty dreams and effortless achievement.  Tap into that energy!

To enhance the energy of the Full Moon in Pisces, I recommend the following crystals:

Aquamarine:  Aquamarine is calming and refreshing, like a cool dip in the ocean.  When working with Aquamarine, you’ll feel more courageous, which comes in handy when declaring your new goals to the Universe.

Blue Flash Moonstone:  Connect to the energy of the Full Moon with Blue Flash Moonstone.  This will enhance your clarity and give you greater insights into your deepest desire (such as WHY the things that come to you are so important).  Blue Flash Moonstone can help you identify recurring negative patterns, beliefs and your emotional road blocks to achieving your goals and dreams.

Black Onyx:  This shiny black stone will help you stay grounded during this powerful Full Moon.  It enhances logic and reason, making your self-realization that much more powerful.  Black Onyx is also known for releasing addictive behaviors (are you addicted to your crisis situations?).

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