Full Moon in Aries

(Harvest Moon)

Early next week, (September 24-26) we will experience the Full Moon in Aries.

This Full Moon will help you overcome your fears while going forward with focus and intention.

To enhance the energy of the Full Moon in Aries, I recommend the following crystals:

Lapis Lazluli:  Lapis Lazuli is an introspective and reflective stone that helps you tap into your intention.  It is a stone of truth and wisdom.  Lapis Lazuli enhances the desire for knowledge understanding while tapping into your higher purpose.

Clear Quartz:  Clear Quartz helps to focus and amplify your energy and intention while giving your clarity on the deeper meanings of your current situations.

Lepidolite:  This crystal is known for it’s healing and soothing vibration.  With the intense energy of the Aries Full Moon, Lepidolite helps soothe the emotions that come up while healing the trauma associated with it.


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