Full Moon, Blood Moon & Eclipse

January 2019

2019 is coming in with a BANG!  

On Monday, January 21st, we will experience our first Full Moon of the year.  Not only that, it is also a Blood Moon (also known as a super moon) AND a lunar eclipse!

The Full Moon is in Leo which speaks to your inner child & inner rebel. 

NOW is the time to be seen & heard!

Crystal recommendations for the Full Moon in Leo & Lunar Eclipse:

Bloodstone:  Bloodstone connects you to the Blood Moon energies.  It helps purify and detoxify your body.  Bloodstone is great for grounding.  Bloodstone dispels unwanted negative energy and helps to balance the yin/yang energies.

Citrine:  The Money Stone, Citrine is also great with helping you to step into your power.  Use this stone to attract good fortune and success to your business.
Smokey Quartz:  Smokey Quartz helps to release what is no longer serving you.
As with ALL Full Moons, now is the perfect time to dive deep into your emotions and inner dialogue. 
The Lunar Eclipse intensifies the Full Moon energy… Plus, the Blood Moon (Super Moon) energy is present which will magnify the energy even further. 
Ask yourself:  What is holding you back from realizing your true power?  What inner conflicts have held you back from realizing your success?  
The Leo energy of the Full Moon is inviting you to celebrate your soul’s truth.  
Full Moon journal prompts:
  • What is holding me back?
  • What patterns can I release?
    What is my soul’s truth?

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